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Oh, no. To the Oh oh oh, hold on Judea growing baby. Again. Who you got cooking. Have about cooking something up with me. We'll take it from here. Hank. Welcome back. Jason and Alexis in the morning. It is our federally mandated cooking, dining and cocktails segment. Hey, good look and what you got Kick and thank you. Hey, thank you very much. Uh, Pepsi Blue. Uh, I've never had it. Alexis. I barely know what this is. What the hell is this? OK, so fans of Pepsi blue there. Gonna be pretty happy today because, after nearly two decades, it's making a bold return. Is it anyone? It's very flavored Pepsi. Okay? I was gonna ask if it just It was a different color. Okay? No, it was discontinued in 2004. It was only around for a couple years. It has a bright blue color, and it's a very berry flavor. If, if something if something was a on Lee around for a very limited time, and B and B if I I listened to you closer there and be Was discontinued. May I ask Why the blank? Are they bringing you back? Fantastic question. I don't see any mention. I know. I'm sorry. I had no no follow ups. I just Yeah, Rhetorical saying. Guess what? It's coming back. You know, they did that limited edition Marshmallow Cola. And I think maybe after seeing popularity of that, or just deciding, Hey, it's easy to just add a Flavoring in like we used to. Maybe it's easier than it was back in 2000 and two. They're just saying, Well, why not? And it has a different look to guys. It has a modern font. Speaking of funds. Oh, here she goes Candy. Here she goes. Ladies and gentlemen, it's our new segment Font Talk with Alexis Thompson. The fact that you even talk about fonts is dumb. You know when it comes to how does it taste? That's what we wanted, right? I mean, unless you just can't read it, then that would be Something but Letters are letters. Yeah. No. Profit. This sounds like this sounds like a money loser to may. Well, yeah, it was discontinued. There's a reason. It's like your ex is your ex for a reason. This pop was discontinued for a reason. This tastes like the kiddie box. So go ahead. Try it. Liquid litter box. This wig. Yeah, well, if you were into Pepsi blue, or you want to give it a go may 3rd across the nation, it will be at retailers. I can't wait to not drink this Look for red and white Francis. My favorite, and I do take a lot of heat from this, especially from Holly Roberts. My favorite comic sands. I just want to put that out there. No, I cheat. I'm a comic sans guy. Have you ever since you said that I change your fun every morning when I send you your traffic sponsors to comic sans They make Sands. I'm a because I am a big fun guy. I love a good fun. Oh, that's Oh, I don't like that fun. No, Kenny. Yeah, I can see No, that's sloppy. Kenny. That looks like dirty underwear. That's like the dirty underwear font that it just It fills me with joy. It makes me so happy. It's such a friendly happy. No, I just like the kind of edge increase the font because I know you're a little bit older. I increased the size so change into comic sans and I put it up to 12 fun for you. She's raising the size of the fought for you, Kenny. I run mine at I'm running it at 20. Oh, my God. Yes. Just put it into 20. Then when I send the email Oh, I'm just like my fault. Big too. But if if we were so obviously, If Kitty's personality was a font, it would be comic sands. Would be century Gothic. How about you two? Do you like century Gothic as well? Pick a different one. Dawn. You're kind of you're not times Roman. That's chilly, Bree. I'm sorry. What degree Calibri? That's you, Huh?.

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