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Of the offer combo meal home invasion that took place within the last week or so at that house and the relationship sean mccoy and this woman is it deletion cordona correct she they they're not together anymore she's still occupying that house we have found through the course of the the revelations from this nine one one call on this incident of a of a third party invading the home to take back some of mccoy's possessions if this is not the first time that a a police related event has taken place at that house the last several months the police have been called out there what three times i think before this domestic domestic incidents yeah so the incident in question right now the one that took place most recently within the last few days is that a third party invaded the home brutally beat cordona and the picture i saw the picture for the first time today oh it's hard to look at is really hard to look at so brutally beat her took some jewelry and some very specific items that reportedly mccoy has specifically asked for from cordona asked back for sport yeah in documents and has asked for those items back from her and this person came in and took those specific items which has led to speculation that whoever this person is it invaded the home is doing it at the behest of the shawn mccoy lesean mccoy basically put out what amounts to a if not an out and out hit at least a physical beating and a and a a robbery on his former girlfriend he allegedly ordered the code red right is what she's alleging right and her friend is alleging who put the picture up on on facebook let's play the nine one one and then you and i can talk about what direction this thing can go from here but the nine one one audio it's a couple of minutes long so stick with it because i will tell you this about it is it gets it gets more and more disturbing and more and more revealing as it goes along so stick with it here for a second this is deletion cordona calling nine one one calling the police in the with the atlanta police department or at least the suburb of atlanta that they're in to make the call on what just happened this robbery and thuggery that happened in her home come exactly what happened the money and jewelry okay the person is still in your house right now okay getting help going to you weapons involved or mentioned ma'am yes.