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They're gonna be out well off the rail just because that's that's the MO at low Salvatori rarely DC horses down on the inside. It's gonna take some token. From this to horse. We're going to fast forward slightly here on the far turn he's moving very very easily, very sweetly and kind of at this point. It started to make me think that okay, we might have something here they paid over six hundred thousand dollars for this horse ears are up. He's loving life. Everyone else is starting to feel a little bit of pressure. Particularly that two-horse then again about five off the real Turnham for home. When Joe Talamo asks him to go, he extended levels off nicely and finish his very very well when I look at this horse. I see that pedigree. And I think okay. Well, maybe maybe distance is really what he wants. When I watched this replay. Especially with the gal about gal solid. I don't think it was outstanding. But I do wonder maybe he is going to be sort of a one turn type, and it's too early to tell only race once and we'll find out what we get here off this little bit of a layoff haven't seen him since the middle of September UC's geared down at the wire. I thought it was very impressive effort and again Baffert first time star two year old who's bet down even money. He was supposed to do. Well, gal out Saal. Did to me. He's the other horse in this race. If I like, the two horse. I kinda have to look at this one and say mutual Gosto to me he is the alternate. He's the alternative is the horse that I want running in second the four horse savagery and the number six horse sparky field. They both come out of that sunny slope. Now, we did that racist preview. I went over. I thought savagery was going to be loose on the front end. And that didn't quite work out that way or didn't play out quite that way. We're gonna take a look here at this race. Then again, you can find this replay over on YouTube. You can also find this inform you later, and again, that's where I would suggest you find all your replaced. But again, just for this exercise makes it a little bit easier. When I pull up different things, you're gonna see savage on the far outside, and you're gonna have the number three horse in this race anyway, sparking Ville sparky Bill actually outbreaks him here in these green silks on the far outside in those Rockingham. So that's where you've got savagery now savage is eventually going to go up and pushed the pace he's gonna be about a head off this thing throughout but really the thing. I'm most interested in taking. Look at the three horse gonna be under a pretty snug. Hold from Gary Stevens, give it a moment. Give it a moment. He doesn't want this horse to go. Just yet. He's got to fistful of dynamite. He's saying not yet. We've got some time coming around the far turn they're going to really continue to pick things up and for a moment here. It looks like the five savagery is just in cruise control. He's going off win for fun. I love what Stevens does get them out of the clear. Sparky Ville sets him down and takes dead aim now. Keep in mind the other thing about this race. And we'll take a look at it. When I pulled the PP's up again savagery had just most recently broken. His maiden was infra sixty two thousand five hundred dollar tag. He was taking winters for the first time, and he's getting back into really legitimate quality, the horse sparky Ville some of the horses. He had been facing. They were ten times the ability the horses that he faced here in this restricted, sunny slope stakes you're gonna see just briefly with Gallup out, everything looks good savagery actually out Gallup them..

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