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Let's see what you okay to sin. Yeah. Why in a one year deal for Richie, and like we, hey, we need somebody to get us to Vegas. You know, Richie incognito is the guy to get us through this season. In Oakland Yambol now you still pretty good in the thirties made three pro bowls after the age of thirty. He's out of the league in two thousand fourteen came right back, Pro Bowl Pro Bowl Pro Bowl. Okay. He's like, there's a whole lot going on there with Richie incognito. Let's see JP in wiscon- RJR in Wisconsin. Agr. Hey, how you doing? Good, sir. I have my best for the weekend is Christian yelich. He's got to win the MVP again, numbers are just starting to get together that pitching performance. I don't it's like last year. They started out slow lovely for forget, the may slump this year, though the worst is the bucks. I, I don't know what to say about them the only thing I can think of is they did make some adjustments with the one. They really didn't that bothered me was whenever Toronto with Dr and not shoot the three pointers on each side of the of, of three point lane down the side. We're wide open and just hitting those threes. And I really think they needed to enforce her somehow build a trade for Draymond green. Stop jailer. Thanks for the phone call. I mean you started out. Okay. And then all of a sudden we're talking about a game that already passed. And now we're trying to get dream on green. Christian yelich twenty one home runs through Memorial Day. The sixth most in a season all time up until that point, the most since Albert, PU holes in two thousand six if you're wondering most home runs through Memorial Day all time. Barry Bonds Mark Maguire Peru holes Griffey junior.

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