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The. A little less than two years ago. George Conway was one half of what looked like it was about to become the new power couple in Donald Trump's Washington. His wife Kellyanne who helped engineer Trump's upset victory in the two thousand sixteen election had just landed a big job in the White House as the president's senior counselor Conway himself, a high price litigator and it Tony New York. Law firm was offered a top post at the Justice department as chief of the civil division. But then to the surprise of many Conway backed out and never joined the Trump administration ever since he is a merged as one of the president's sharpest legal critics on the right skewering, the White House's positions in a series of evermore, stinging tweets and newspaper op EDS. He recently watched a new organization checks and balances that hopes to mobilize conservative Republican warriors to protest with they see as the president serial violations of legal and constitutional norms. And now, George Conway is speaking. Out ready to explain for the first time what he's doing. And why in an exclusive interview on this episode of skulduggery? There is. There is absolutely no collusion. I didn't make a phone goal to Russia. I have nothing to do with Russia. Everybody knows people have gotta know whether or not their president's crop. I'm not a crook. I told the American people I did not create arms. My heart the my contention still tell me that's true. But perfect the evidence. He'll me it is not I did not have sexual relations for that to British government has learned the Saddam Hussein recently saw significant quantities of uranium from Africa. How many times have to answer this question, and you just shared his rooms? Michael Isikoff chief investigative correspondent for Yahoo news. And I'm Dan Kleinman editor in chief of Yahoo news. You know, Danny. We try to have cool guests on this podcast. We try to make have news making guests on this podcast. But I am really jazzed about this one George Conway is someone that people all over Washington and all over the country have been fascinated by obviously the husband of Kellyanne Conway who is Trump's most ardent defender on cable television. And yet he has been tweeting at the president criticizing him for months now. It's going to be a fascinating conversation. I think we should get right to it. Okay. We now have the man himself. George conway. Welcome to skulduggery. Thank you. And I just want to make a statement. Okay. Did you submit the statement before for review entered into the record? Okay. Object. On this podcast under protest. This is under compulsion. Know you've been harassed me. Finally got subpoena power. I me about this for how am but look us. Not just me hasn't the entire world been haranguing you to appear in some. No, it's been happening. And it was like from last year because of the anniversary of of the Clinton scandals that. Yeah, you do we'll get we'll get to that. Did you have something to do? You know, starting in two thousand sixteen in two thousand seventeen all these people doing TV shows. And there was at FOX better you start getting these calls like they want you to go on somebody writing a book to this and all that stuff and the guy the first guy that guy from slate. Yeah. Wanted me to do this law. Breslow. Podcast. And I I just I never did anything. I never I could have written a book. Probably right could've done that. But look people wanted you not just for that more recently. They've wanted you for other bugging me for this podcast since two thousand seventeen wore you down. The problem is to get him off my back. I said, I'll do it. All right. Let's get to it. You've just started this group checks and balances conservative Republican lawyers who want to speak out about what the Trump administration is doing tell us what inspired you to do this. And what you hope to accomplish..

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