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That call at the heart of the inquiry with president trump asking Ukraine's leader to help in an investigation of his political rival Joe Biden and his son house intelligence committee chair Adam Schiff who is leading the inquiry on ABC's this week about the president's claims that there was no quid pro quo so we don't have to show a quid pro quo although this conversation comes awfully close but here you have the added fact that this conversation takes place at a time when the president is withholding hundreds of millions of dollars during the call the president asking Ukraine's president to speak with trump's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani and about hunter Biden's business dealings there on ABC's this week with George Stephanopoulos former trump administration homeland security adviser Tom Basser Wayne in and now ABC news contributor he says that case was investigated years ago and dropped at this point I am deeply frustrated with what he in the legal team is doing and we're eating that devotes theory to the president it sticks in his mind when he hears it over and over again and for clarity here George let me just again. that it has no validity Giuliani also on A. B. C.'s this week firing back all due respect to Tom bossy doesn't was talking about. that I invented this this was given to me a majority of Americans in a new poll said they find the phone call between the president and Ukraine's leader Syria early two out of three call president trump urging a foreign leader to investigate a political rival in his family a serious problem only seventeen percent say they were surprised by it in a new ABC news Ipsos poll conducted Friday and Saturday nine out of ten Democrats call the phone call a very or somewhat serious problem compared to thirty two percent of Republicans thirty seven percent of Republican saying it's not serious at all these trucks Iverson you're listening to ABC news there.

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