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Pass incomplete well over the head of Emmanuel Sanders, who was claiming he was held up on his way to the end zone to Sean Gibson. There are no flags on the field and its second and five at the Bears 17 a little bit better pass protection that time breeze allowed the To his right. Coming back to Sanders on the left degrees down in the red Zone. This issue no interceptions. 19 take off your shoes to make this counts. A lot of waking up 19 touchdown passes. Second five of the 17 come era is the single back. Turns gives to ca Mera starts over the right side slip to increase and dives forward for the first down to the Bears. 11 he needed five. He got six on a first down and 10 at the Chicago 11 yard line. Unexpected power. That's what album Camaro has You. You look at him and he's not a big back. You know, he didn't have big, bulging Earl Campbell thighs. He's not thinking the shoulders. But what he has he just has a burst when he's in traffic. It's felt like in boxing. When they talk about that short punch ability. That's what album has. He's out of the game right now. Let's habeas Murray in the lineup. Two receivers to the left side breeze. Backpedals. Three Step Drop kills another bit of Michael Thomas up the left hash head into the end zone for a touchdown. Drew Brees finds Michael Thomas. They connect for six and the Saints take a six. Nothing lead with 509 remaining in the first, just a little stick crowd. You have a tight formation, who's about lined up two yards outside the left tackle just runs up to feel that turns is outside of five yards. And Emmanuel Sanders is inside of him. He runs a flat route to the outside. So you stretch the zone defense a little bit. You thought that Thomas and then he bullies his way into the end zone. You called him a bully in the pregame in a comic memory. Yes, a complimentary sense and bullied his way in there for the touchdown will let's less bullying as he kicks with the extra point through the uprights on the first receiving touchdown in the last 385 days for Michael Thomas..

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