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Whale that was hit by a state ferry in Elliott bay, most likely. Died that coming from a biologist who specifically studies ship strikes. Komo's sewer Merrill, has more biologist John Kalemba Keita's with Cascadia research, says Wales killed by vessels is a concern around the world and Tuesday night, it was highlighted ferry water act. The wheel fight it after being struck represents one of the more dramatic and certainly mostly distressing incident. Wales usually don't survive strikes if a boat is going faster than ten knots. The ferry Wenatchee was reported traveling sixteen knots. He says some things being looked at to prevent ship strikes include changing vessel routes or requiring them to slow down in known whale areas. Callum akitas also believes the whale hit in Seattle was a humpback, not a gray whale. But both have been seen in the Puget Sound sue Romero, KOMO news. Federal Way police say they've made an arrest in connection with the shooting last weekend that badly injured a man who is delivering newspapers commander Kurt swan with Federal Way police tells KOMO the victim was able to provide a description of the suspect vehicle, and they had some surveillance video to help out as well. Able to provide us with additional surveillance video of that vehicle that we were looking for to confirm there wasn't either one. We were looking at and with that information we develop probable cause and Rivoli take a suspected to custody late last night about eleven pm Schwann says during an interview with the suspect he confessed to his involvement in the incident. He'll be charged with assault and the first degree the victim remains at Harborview in the wake of the Monday shooting in south Seattle park, come fresh calls for gun restrictions for some from some members of the Seattle city council. Komo's Carleen Johnson reports year old woman, and our ten month old baby boy remained at Harborview following that shooting that police say was gang involved, having Monday evening, at perjured beach in the rainier valley, both will recover Seattle councilmember lorraina Gonzales echoed comments from mayor, Jenny durken yesterday. Obviously, what we made is much more common sense and swift gun reform legislation that really takes a lot of these dangerous. Guns off of the streets. Dave workman with the second amendment foundation says gun control groups are slowly, but surely stripping away the rights of law abiding gun owners, Brooklyn laws, but they're being treated like criminals that the kind of social prejudice. I think that everybody ought to condemn police have not yet really suspect names or descriptions, at ten year old also injured in another vehicle in that shooting that shot has been treated and released at a park in Renton on Monday at eight year old boy was injured that may be an air, soft gun, or some other projectile Carleen Johnson, KOMO news. Bellevue's chief of police lives in Monroe Redmond's police chief, moved his family to granite falls, why. Well, komo's Corwin hegue tells us this is a situation that the east side should no longer tolerate increasingly the cops teachers nurses, and other moderate earners, who make a city like Bellevue, a real community can no longer afford to live where they work, we have a housing stock that.

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