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Let's talk about something really cool. The Mars helicopter Amar. Okay. So a helicopter on Mars. This is the sounds like science fiction, that sounds like something from like a nineteen fifties scifi movie where like martians land on the earth. In they take over, but the us helicopter. So, you know, something crazy, like a Mars helicopter. Okay. So let's talk about that for a second. So on the Mars twenty twenty mission, there's a helicopter right, there will be launching a helicopter to Mars during the March twenty twenty mission and the aim of this helicopter is a test the feasability of flying heavier than air vehicles through the atmosphere on the red planet. It just passed some really important tests. It is now moving into the final stages of preparation ahead of the July. Twenty twenty Mars launch, and this isn't a big helicopter. It's four pounds so easily lift it up in your hands, but it's going to be flying to Mars in the twenty twenty mission in, it'll be deployed once the Rover sets down in Mars Jazirah crater. And that's supposed to happen on February. Eighteenth of? Twenty twenty one and it's going to take, you know, numerous months to get to Mars from earth in the helicopter will also have a camera on board in. Also used solar power to get the job done. So this camera that doesn't have any sensors or anything. I mean the the helicopter has empty censor is ready thing like that. It's just to do the flight test. That's it, it's only there to see if it's possible to fly a helicopter on Mars. That's all it's gonna

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