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No matter if you if you can't zip or all the way to the rioters to another one over the left wherever you reached you're going to have something if even got a couple of hidden pockets that they've used a bypass certain areas with with ease. If I have eight packs, I think they have the the twelve hour the twenty four and I got seventy two ref. How long you survive on the field with that thing? But it's it's a really comfortable piece of gear I'm excited to I've only had it for weeks. Now, of course. But I really wanna dig into that thing and see what it can do. And one of the last thing I saw it's pretty cool went to the norm booth Swedish owned by their parent company. Ru Motech, they had a lot of ammo. They're they're they're really pushing hard all of those brands in the Norma and and line I've kind of gone under under the level. So to speak last few years haven't had a lot of publicity not a lot of big releases. And now they're back, and they're pushing kind of new products all the way from this super quality seventeen Amar match bridge stuff ping one inch steel circle at one hundred yards. No problem is pulled over with iron sights. All they have to norm. Broad strike new hunting line. It's a boat tail fish design polymer tip still expands. I it's a pretty good heavy animal round. A few other things I there was a ton of stuff. I saw and it's really nice to go and see all the people you've been working with over the years and really space and get a good bracing of what's new and you make a lot of contacts. And and really get get a whole year's worth of gear lined up review one little show. That's for sure. Any trends in the industry? I mean, I think you mentioned that you know, things are getting a little bit lighter a little bit more expensive. But there are any other like prevailing trends that you see as far as where I guess you could say the tactical gear or tactical firearms market is heading over. Maybe the next twelve to twenty four months. Sure, the gear it seems like a lot of people are going back to the the less van tactical approach every company is going to have their their tactical TIMMY lineup of darker and all of drab and Malaita everywhere. But a lot of companies are coming out with a little more, discreet designs back actually, don't look like backpack. They don't have Pash squares Avello all over the place, and usually more muted coloring wolf grade gaining popularity because it looks more casual by the levins. Apex line comes in the nice blue. And it does have a Hex grid on the back which stand out a little less. Than me, Molly minding, but they also let me know they were gonna come out with kind of a cover patch. So essentially a six eight inch flap fabric velcro on the back. So it covers up that entire heck's grit of Molly wedding. I'm back that I have. A rucksack made by cafaro, which is terrific rucksack..

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