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The world. Here's Dan Schwartzman. Thanks, Doug. Manchester United and Barcelona are closing in on a transfer of Frankie Dion with barcelo green to an initial fee of €65 million that can increase over 80 million with performance based add ons that are still being negotiated. The midfielder is new Red Devils manager Eric ten hogg's top target this summer. While there are still parts of the deal that have to be hammered out, there is optimism at Old Trafford that Dion could be in uniform for man use tour of Australian Thailand starting on July 8th. And we will continue to see Rafa Nadal winning his first round match in four sets while one big ups it does go down at 60 Felix associate Elias Seema falls in four sets sun seated American maxime Crecy. Two small upsets also occurring as 18 C Grigor Dimitrov retires from his match in the second set to Steve Johnson while 24th seat holger room falls in trade sets to Marcus shiron, moving on to the second round includes fourth seat stephanos to tabas 11 C Taylor Harry Fritz and 12 C Diego Schwartzman. And the women's Ross Rita Williams has come back is cut short as the 23 time Grand Slam winner loses in the first round to harmony Tam in three sets. Williams has not played competitive singles since last year Wimbledon due to injuries. Meanwhile, top seeded tech wins for 35th match in a row, winning in trade sets of ants at the round two while 11 seed coco Goff me three sets to move on to the second round. Finally, the Washington commanders and wide receiver Terry mclaurin have reached an agreement on a three year contract extension with $71 million. I'm Dan schwarzman that your Bloomberg world sports op day. Markets, headlines, and breaking news 24 hours a day. At Bloomberg dot com, the Bloomberg business app and at Bloomberg quick take. This is a Bloomberg business flash. Hi everybody, a bad mix

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