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The rest of the world's maybe drink your coffee maybe wanna email a friend on your fall or near hunting and fishing drew he has ever get it you know yeah absolutely um i want to you guys are got somantri go on and kapa am i saying gut yell the kobo coq au vin okay and tell everybody about three coffees you got going right now okay so this a mantra is ito h is a grade fullbodied coffee and you know when you were talking about hunting efficient the best park to me the best part of camping is getting up the next morning and making a couple after lewis if you bring the right coffee you'll never forget it it'll be that cup of coffee that you remember along with all the great memories from that trip and so that's what you know that this is the mantras i think it's just a great fullbodied cup of coffee it's very melo the copa is a bland has got a little brazil in it and then it mixes in some costa rica and it's just very bright is a vibrant coffee it just has a great finish there and the traders is that that's the carefree as the decaf unloaded i haven't i've been during entity calf in a long time d i need all the care of their it'll do get is if they're good now and now bath was telling me you actually had a traders that was uh was dark with darker and you've got a switch him up a little bit we'll move it around give people an opportunity to uh have a different cup of coffee every other week or something like that were visiting with bill he is the owner of cafe dm here in agony voted number one coffee house the names and and i would seniors in around sixteen years in a row you don't get that the for being one i changed the name of the a category than let's mother try a calf adm award at we could pull the rug out of the other yeah the cafe de i like that set the standard uh you know you guys i know you've got a great following her naked he is well write off south thinking boulevard right across from demag and we'd love to have you come out a coffee is freely on of thanks to mr bill in the crew if.

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