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Thank you thank you Jeeves as we know we're fighting more than one battle right now and for justice and for peace in our city but also the other with our ongoing struggle against the covert nineteen crisis which even in these hard times has not let up for two minutes let me update you on that today we saw I think as some may know but many may have lost the number of new cases went up under about a thousand nine hundred seventy eight today the one point eight percent increase in deaths we had twenty two more announced to reach a total of two thousand three hundred eighty four fallen from covert nineteen I also want to confirm that now we have three thousand five hundred and ten beds available of which nearly three thousand are occupied with more than three thousand people who are experiencing homelessness to have shelter in this emergency and we have three hundred thirty one isolation rooms as well we also have sufficient hospital beds over one thousand two hundred and sixteen ventilators available and the one hundred thousand and ninety five bass that came here that we are sharing with our hospitals at costs are now in our warehouse we had ministered nearly five hundred thousand tests as I mention spent nearly fifty million dollars to date on these tests and we have been doing that both at the testing center is as well as on Skid Row and with people experiencing homelessness and and now all of our senior skilled nursing facilities finally we've handed out nearly twenty million dollars in cash assistance through Angelino cards we've also had business ambassadors who are working hard and through what we saw the unrest to be able to help businesses re open.

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