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I think they know you don't have representation yet and until somebody comes along and hurts them they don't really give a flip about your yeah i am make it what gets me e everybody's says if you don't vote you don't you're not he it's unamerican it's it's it's on eight threeodd it right away i think it's more patriotic because my family my father sir denis servicing gave his life in the service iin actu i'm i'm exercising my right that he worked core and if there is not a good candidate i feel neither one of them is going to be properly representing america i'm a us i'm not gonna vote yeah well now you that people say that i think it's so wrong and here's everything wrong with us and that is people that say gosh how could you vote third party or whatever party they are going to lose any way should because if that's what you believe in that's what you how dare someone to condemn you for saying that candidate the your backing who you don't even know what they stand for don't care your do an adjusted do it that's awful yeah tell me john it is mostly the premise of today maybe it's been like this for a long time is you'd you'd vote against some one it's all about haiti it's just hate the other side and that's enough in this is the worst i've ever seen and investigators lose it'll continue because it can because that's modernday media yep everyone super is everyone is super served the if i hate so and so i can get super served hating soandso all day every day or won't and that's all i care about and it it came to people port somebody just because her party's support yeah that's that was hard that that was hard for me to take looking at some of our leading republicans of the state who you know knelt down the donald trump right when ted cruz l'ambassade in for months and months and months and then there's ted after cheering same think we're cornyn argue as far back as i had i do a boat what bob dole for president back then and personally i felt i hate to say it's when i started feeling why in my voting for somebody that i feel is not a good candidates at all right you might you might like a lotta people and.

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