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Thank you very much inviting me. I hear that you are. A. Fan. That's excellent. My Dad said. Well, he's caught on. Magazines. Previously. Of course now online and I always enjoy reading his country's you have good taste. And we ever had we ever talked to Graham before now or just. An anonymous fan that. I talked to him about a month ago and I, talked to him about. Six months or nine months ago about buying screw machine from us. But how long have you been getting the blog? Well. Almost into came out because I used to read it when it was a when you had written magazine Wow we actually sent it all the way to Australia. Did, we were crazy then God. I think modern one in Australia getting it, but I used to enjoy radian and. In some ways disappointed, it went online but. A During my lunch. But. Now it's more. Yeah you're you're you're not alone people used to we would feel complimented. Would people say they read it on the toilet? Right. He did that but. The other thing about hard copies that I would pass them around the factory. And you're in the lunchroom's and other big would rate them, and this is one of the problems today with everything guidelines. You don't get that advantage. Yeah. You read it on your smartphone on the toilet just help you don't drop it in. Well something would is. So agree tell us something about yourself. I understand you've been doing this for awhile. Yeah. Well. Tell us tell us your company and then yeah. Then give us your story. What are you guys make? Right will accompany perish engineering was started by Mr Parrish in nine southern business in nineteen thirty two. And he formed the company structure that we have today in forty four. he started off his Zooey A. Attorney tune man repetition engineering. The movie up into came to Manx like index late sixties and skaters. And in nineteen sixty, eight he had. decided to sell the company, he sold it to a man who wasn't a engineer. And I got introduced in the company Norge in Sydney to to the study Mr Parrish. So he can fully retire which he did. In Sydney Five, I was sect by the new IDA. Eighty. I came back and bought him out. And so the company. Business. Since nineteen. Eighty. Until. About ten years ago with my daughter joined the company. And my business partner, who is also my brother-in-law disorder that he would like to. Just had my daughter and I in the company. So he sold out to us. Okay. Are you a job shop? He is basically a screw machine job shop we had twenty cm say lies the these dyes, the couple of voting machines. We have a lot of citizen. Saudi hints talks about knowing we've got a couple of stars where a Maurice Seeks Tagami Nakamura Index. Like I. Think that covers style. Which one's your favorite? Well I think the citizen machines or They've been bringing forest and what kind. Of that. L. Twenty S. eight, thirty, two, thirty, two couple of Eight, thirty, two's. Six, seven L. Twenties over to including to well after the show all have to ask you if you're interested in by L. Twenty. Or? Journalists slash salesman. Right. So, you you make stuff for the plumbing industry for for which which sectors used to be predominantly autumn. When I took over the company in the eighty S, we would significantly automated because such 'cause they are now. So we do somewhat. For the Ford Ranger. Shift Assembly is here in Melbourne and around the world. So we make five parts that we do pots for all sorts of industries. Forty. percent of our businesses we may. You many..

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