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The time brother and have a good show that catches scott thoughts are with you buddy get back on your feet manner thank you for sharing the phone call in share the time with us and thanks for letting us into into your sunday i'm a questioning any patriots coordinator that it gets a head coaching job because there's so much evidence that they do not succeed charlie weis romeo cornell josh make daniels the first time around bill o'brien is maybe the most eric mangini is the most accomplished but bill o'brien is an offense of guy and his one on the backs of their defense and it's an offensive guy didn't see what he had in case keno because they can't just ripping through quarterbacks and they didn't keep keane them now he's finally got a guy into shawn watson but you see when they didn't have to sean watson they were garbage this year so i'm always leery on hiring a patriots assistant coach i think out of any of these guys i would be most interested in hiring mcdaniel's because he's getting the second chance because i think the first time around is very immature but as i've talked about this i think the patriots assistant coaches are inherently disabled by bill bella check because they don't have autonomy over there they're units it bella check still runs everything so it's not like he just gives up and says okay you've got the game plan this week a josh credentials doesn't have the game plan tom brady and bill bellichik of the game plan of the josh mcdaniel's works within that same thing with map patricia bill bellichik has the game plan and patricia works within that so i think that belgium doesn't give away the secret sauce either and so so these guys leave and would ever made the patriots great will number one you have to have tom brady so none of these guys have tom brady wedneday when they leave but.

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