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The money however there is no state tax in Florida Jones didn't want to stay in the NFC east James Bradberry went to the giants Amari Cooper stay with the cowboys though Washington apparently made a push to get him cloudy with showers likely this morning a high around sixty it is currently forty one and reigning to stream ninety four W. I. P. get our podcast and all the latest stories in Philadelphia sports go to the all new ninety four W. I. P. dot com twenty four hours sportsradio ninety four W. why ours is ready to judge those that you're just hello I don't yeah I'll be I'll be I was regarded as cut out this great star see here's what I'm looking for today for people because now the governor not laid around al all juxtaposed view with the governor said what the mayor said two days ago because that is better real reversal of those two dates but he has it pegged they shut down almost everything now right all closed is not much now but like grocery stores outside of a laundromat pharmacies I would assume yeah things where you sat city is of life all right and and here's the thing what if you're I have a job and you can't work from home but they they won't let you go yeah what are you doing your brand for how long where you go if you're we're going broke your waitress your life insurance well can't some of them you know give the take out orders is that one that's what is going to be a lot of take out orders you ever seen these take out things if I don't know a little desk I don't know you get your food Germantown Avenue near my house they're actually going curbside when you pull up to the rest right and they had you the food to the window yeah I know you know you pay online or whatever yeah it's a quick flight what do you do if you don't even know when you're going back to work and you have nothing going on because you can't work from home my friend is anybody going out right now run owns a bunch of bars yeah the people call him he goes we'll call the state I can't do anything about the only park out you have a beautiful dog named pock pock and park is going to have the surgery today today this morning all right his right so yesterday that you had to see the vat I had to go over that the village that yesterday I had to go in so I got a call and they say well bring pot it's got a five fifteen appointment arrive ten minutes before wait in the parking lot with the dog and will come out and get you so you can you know waiting room anymore I can't have social distancing in you know we can't keep in control of a dog or a cat social distance a good luck so so I go to parking lot and in the parking lot there's just all these people in their car with a dog waiting for the technician to come out to come out you can give the rock on the wind come on so you get all the leash you go in go and then you go right in the room and then you come what where you come out they go knock on the next car with the door in this operating room with a car because I believe the better for the future there was a whole host of been a little reminder not to get all the all god yeah I think a part of a parking lot full of P. smart sitting there when they do it's great so what I'm asking who is not working right now can I work from home it is awake at six twenty five at the border yeah if you're awake at this hour it's probably because you're not sleeping well because you don't know how you got to pay a bill or you're used to getting up but that's why you said yes it does show that we are just part of our this crisis never really covered if you're waking up at this time for twenty five years you're waking up today yeah that time I mean that's just what you do right I feel nothing but sympathy for so many people right now that are are are you know what the worst part of it is if you knew was two weeks or three weeks or four weeks you could plant yeah but you have no idea yeah the president said yesterday July or August yeah well my god that I freak out when I heard this on real July all not just like the people of three kids at home they're all my god unbelievable anyway abre great do you have the first of our two questions of the debt I do and it's brought to you by arming Cadillac of Plymouth meeting Arman is more than certified Cadillac preowned check their entire preowned inventory at arming Cadillac dot com closer than you think how do you feel about the eagles not signing ex cowboy Byron Jones pleased upset don't care I got please Jones it pleased out I'm upset wow you wanna hear okay seventeen million a year I mean really I don't think it was an awesome awesome tuition I I I don't think so I I think they need stars there okay house upset ria you know I wanted him I said it's not on money okay the way Hong too you know what to tell I don't care have a good day let we shall Hong I jury is Hong and we are very proud she led a wedding coming up what's going to happen I'm she's not calling all right hold on let me check my cure coming up one second do you have a wedding coming up hello my own you're only going to do no really like all the planning of everything is been halted and I'm trying to get married by the end of the year and done all the work on that I'm going to cancel them now you take the gifts as and I'm gonna live happily ever after that cashier whatever gifts we got sell the ring yeah yes I do passion that I have any cash and I think party that's what I want if I had the question today how do you feel about eva's wedding I would ring I really don't yeah this is all big weddings this might have a good thing while there is no standard all weddings it would be worth the next yes wonder what it's going to do in relationships with people who aren't married yeah I don't know but I'm not married people I get it they'll hate each other by the end of the week but I'm talking about people who are like boyfriend and girlfriend but don't live like maybe in the same town yet all right John throws up hill and I live with each other they'll do studies out for decades on what we're experiencing right now right Jack gates Mike's going to kick us off today hi my call are we doing today how do you feel about the first day of free agency with the Philadelphia Eagles not very good well all right what what's bother you might I thank our must've fell asleep I mean how one of the Andre Hopkins looked in our uniforms how how did you not Bamboozle that guy down there now idiot downed wire water dom D. all at once all my god one of the mill running barely Seaver no happy kids is phenomenal no Mike you're right I would I love that I don't know what else I love that I think o'brien took the first phone call we got yeah and ship the guy L. he's the coach I know how we got the GM and you'll never do both of those what is it called we learned that with chip no I Mike I'm with the idea really hit on that point yep but managing of Hopkins way here it would be awesome well I guess he's also a little flighty but most of these areas right yeah there was another guy to the Vikings guy with his stuff on the exam on the bills that's a that's a big deal that would have been a huge upgrade here to Mike yeah so you're not happy with how we day walk well that's good was it right I agree with you we need ends we need right linebackers we don't we don't my back because we need good linebackers Mike I agree all right Mike he has attained out was it at least nice that you had some sports news in the middle of all this mass or in I thought it was great see the pot was going on with all the don't worry about optics now right now just give the people something they meet subnet it is all right Mike it's Saint paddy's day in fact this is awful awful St Patty's then okay because this is also the day all the state stores close so the very day when the most people drink there's nothing to drink it's not good Mike give me somebody famous past our present who's Irish photo by a good one I think it's Bano Bano Bodos not Sonny bono he was Italian yeah I was thinking right away answered it like my last my Irish list every year it's not a good laugh wasn't there all Irish born no I don't need you one famous Irish Americans be anybody who is of Irish descent that's what you're looking for right homeboy I'm looking for that woman right there missing a famous Irish athlete I couldn't see that immediately or use no this list that you gave me a famous Irish people you're not Irish at all I I am Irish and over fifty percent Irish well then you know what you better talk to the people of Ireland they want back their paper like people are from the county Mayo good I need to be a Hellmann's Hellmann's the court myself yes the famous Helman family are like let's go to mark next hi mark good morning you're on ninety four W. why pay they are going to blow it up what's up mark well almost all of what they want how we respond not really impressed while the all the big names on it out and a problem that I have now that by tight on time with alliance was protecting Carson Wentz all right at the all right hold on a minute Vaitai was the best thing that happened to the eagles yesterday some mock did you watch these games there by pie plate yeah I watch is that a ten million dollar a year prior there thanks no one ever pronounce his name I'm just happy he's going to have to learn how that's right all of our readers holiday bowl of octave I tied it come on let's drain line that yeah yeah we really you really sit there and say that you're going to be alert that Carson no listen to me I would rather place a large stone on the line then how Apollo followed by by time all right column big V. might be a better be stinks and you know how I know that month it's not like I'm some expert on lineman I deferred to my very good friend who I still call talk to all the time the great Hollis Thomas and how it says to me repeatedly mark vite pi is awful he's act he can't believe somehow they evaluated was nuski WO with invite pack I wanted was nuski due this year he won the soapbox I know I know we had they completely botched that one that's a wide scouting I can only really think they did not like was nuski there were some kind of talks about their yeah right and they must the love by tight because they they ignored all the trying to block nobody know what mark that was the best thing that happened bill all these rumors that somebody was going to give you ten million yeah I was laughing and then somebody gave me a million a year Jody knees gave us and it's amazing to me makes absolutely no sense for life yeah I can't block anyone right for him I mean I don't know how we did it but what a dog he worked mark give me somebody famous who is Irish R. about Conor McGregor Conor McGraw Han H. gotten somewhere but I'm gonna be honest with you I'm not the judge that yeah not at the top of your life please while you don't think oh yeah he's not also yeah most dental yeah bit of a jerk well that he does there for what is he does any of let me say this right out of crime a black group McGregor gets a price today proper twelve I am out I don't know what I'm gonna do but it'll be on sanitary Craig is a legend is unbelievable he's not yeah Conor McGregor is a top yeah I was on the bubble the Bible is the young mostly if not in the top fifty so far is to me not your decision I believe not at all my decision I'm already regretting well aid a date set up I did how you gonna step out well just say the right one now has what I'm doing but give it off you want to call us you can dial we don't dial you can just well you know you have the friggin number.

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