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He will be in the minority in January when the incoming congress run by Democrats takes control. How's it feel to you? I've been in the minority before being majority minority back and forth back and forth. I like majority better. Of course, I will say one of the things I've tried to do as chairman is maintained bipartisan support for military because if you're out on a hill in Afghanistan, you deserve to know, the whole country's behind Republican and democrat, and I hope that's the same going ahead. I know that Adam Smith who will be the new chair rails. It's good. We've worked together. Good. We don't always agree, obviously. But we've been very collegial. And I think it's important that we've been over backwards to stay that way. Even though the majority is changing so one of the things we like to do in the espec-, Al is when our guests have a particular perspective on part of America that might ends may not be familiar with. I wanna let them to sort of riff on that a little bit. I know where you're from Clarendon I've been there. My very first job for pay as a journalist not for pay as a human being my first opera pay was as a dishwasher and San Diego, California where I grew up, but my first job as a professional journalist was Amarillo. And I will tell you MAC when I drove to Amrullah from Columbia, Missouri. Where I went to school, the university of Missouri. I pulled off the interstate Ross road to the house I was gonna live in with three other guys who worked at the globe news. You'll love the story. It's the summer of nineteen Eighty-four. I stopped at the stop light. There's one pickup truck in front of me and has a bumper sticker on the back bumper and that bumper sticker reads against summer of nineteen eighty four more nukes less kooks. That in a nutshell expressed the political sensibilities of west Texas at that time still does still does hardcore conservative stand up for America. And it also reflected something that most mighty installed. No, the principal assembly and disassembly plant in America for all of our nuclear weapons is Pantex about thirty miles due east slightly northeast of Amarillo. So that was also part of it. And there were a lot of protests out there. I covered him. When I was in Admiral, I was not enthralled and in love with Amarillo on. I look it took me really about a year. And it wasn't until I became region letter. And I drove around all those counties, and I went to chili cook offs. And I saw Bob wills and the Turkey travelers in Turkey, Texas, and got a sense of bluegrass music and the hard scrabble life that these people had carved out for themselves. I won't say I fell in love with west, Texas, but I gained a deeper respect and appreciation for tell us about where you're from. Yeah. I think you describe it. Well, sometimes the the weather and the conditions can be really. Yeah. Yeah. But it takes a special kind of person or people to to to come there and to stay there. Yes. So I know lots of parts of the country would say this. But are people really are the best asset? I suspect as you were driving around even as a journalist, and it would be the same today. You go into these small towns, they will treat you royally with whatever means they have available, and I was from the big city. Yeah. Amrullah? Yeah. I understand that a Clarendon his just about two thousand people, and I grew up on a ranch seven miles outside of of that town. Well, going to Clarendon what's going to town Morella was really going to the big city. It's growing a lot of people are moving in from the smaller towns in Morella because of the job opportunities that are there. But but the qualities of the people still remain one other trivia fact, according to Charlie cook of cook political report congressional district is the most Republican in the country. Correct. Number one out of four hundred thirty five so that cinnamon on the bumper sticker that you saw when you moved in is still v. So we have three threshold questions. Congressman we ask all of our guests, and they're pretty decent questions. They elicit great answers and our audience loves the answer. So in no particular order, one of the most influential or the most influential book in your life. All time favorite movie or one of your favorite movies. And if you're on a long drive in the district or a long flight from here to the district. What music artists are John rea-?.

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