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Type of question for you max. Are you familiar with the director of this beautiful film Let's see here who is directed by john paragon other than he is the director of the next film of you're going watchings also John paragon did big adventure. Which is one of my. And he plays pee. Wee's playhouse he's giambi the fucking a genie head thing. Pee wee's playhouse. He's fucking giambi which is amazing. So the sever genie had a hi mecca. Hiney ho that's that is who is directing this now we there's a lot of echoes in the bar. Burien brother cinematic universe. The bbc and this is another one because echo is because it's a lot of screaming. It's a lot of screaming. Yeah but we go from in their in their first starring role to seeing coachella herman to actually getting a guy that was involved with herman. Also another question for max. Do you think david carradine the barbarian brothers money at this point or something like does he keep showing up possibly possibly is. It's very strange. He's doing the willie nelson for all year for some reason. That's literally what it is. It said that Goes to all to his mentor in prison at. It's like right out a fee for james congo's visit willie nelson but it. This case it's a joy normally meets latman talking to david carriage at one day on and probably took eight to nine percent of the vote. That sounds about right. That sounds like a aside from david. Carrying there's also a roddy mcdowell as the end of this movie who out acts everyone whenever he is onscreen This is super slow. It's like about almost an hour as a minute movie before you know what the actual plot or there's something about diamonds and then the subway goes under the diamond exchange is apparently a place and whenever sitting in there's yeah housing where they keep all the diamonds in los angeles. Free buildings one safe. That has the diamonds in them that they now know how to unlock. Peter has like the magic credit card unlocking key that he's stolen in early heist and something or other. But this movie does have one of the most interesting looking movie goons i've ever seen. Which is there's a doughy guy with a mustache at ponytail. Which it's there's something about like that weird combination of human thumb with a porno stash in a pullback ponytail. Yup this is made in the early ninety. S all the villains in this total c-grade villains just just totally elevated like the ginger guy. Who's supposed to be the one that we're all really intimidated by. That's fun we love him. Not offer intimidating. Yeah we we ever main bad guy who just murders. All joker. I mean really. Christopher nolan probably ripped off the dark noise. I think so yeah driver that kills the guy right yup. Okay so what i. I was like half paying attention. Because i was finishing up like up around the house and i had to do a triple take. Consider a second. I thought it was. Seth green and i was like chivalry. No let me. Let me rewind this timeline. Knesset's reading was busy being in a movie arcade by our previous subject. Albert pune time yup. Yup he was not available for this. Unfortunately it look just enough like him and the movie where i was very very very and i think that's a good analog for how not threatening this guy is like roundup the on set green to be very threatening person this guy. The main bad guy looks like him. Were shit. he's dangerous each just. Looks like he's cigar. Sal really doesn't read in a movie full of very large man. I don't know why they went with that. I don't know if you guys picked up on this too but one of the things that was really. I really just attach myself to is trying to figure out the audience for these movies because on one hand they seem like films and then on the other hand. They're hyper fucking violent. Simple this is great for twelve year old me because like this has guys getting blasted in the chest with shotguns but also it has like this is four rate at like the barbarians and double trouble or or race it. I think the other two are a big. I think it's pg thirteen. It's in that wheelhouse have like we'll say shit but not much is going to happen. And i think last movie is like pg. i think. i think it's firmly kid friendly. It might be thirteen though. I don't know. I don't know i think it's kid friendly but at the same time i'm just like there's some stuff in here it's like you need to have some conversations with your children if they watch barbarian brothers movie kids movie. Has the three subset dies issues. We're going to talk a lot about that. Yeah claire again. What are the sexy levels where the fashion level. So we find here. This one is almost by the raiders. Crap cop obviously we all knew that was coming also whichever one one of the barbarians. Where's the hell out of the suit. That's peter sir. I wrote down here. My notes david good guy. Top peter. Bad guy suit life. I feel like this scene where it's like. They're him bows and then. He dresses up in a suit and looks really nice. So that georgia the jungle. Putting on a suit could run jungle. Is the modern day barbarian brother. He's the loss barbarian brother in a lot of ways. He's the he's the ease with the spike dudley of the parker. Bros exactly exactly if i could have like. Jungle brendan fraser. What on a open raiders. Sweatshirt cropped up. I've might lose my mind you i would. I would legitimately someone photoshop that for clare. We need. That will be too much much for celluloid dan which is interesting. The projector listening has any photoshop skills. Wants to fill up my bank thing. We brennan your wearing in..

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