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Chocolate sushi. Traffic and weather together on the ace NewsRadio ten eighty KRLD. It's six forty eight still looking at a slowdown in Dallas on the end of the ramp from seventy five to westbound six thirty five had max working to clear from that left lanes. Going out the slow traffic back onto those seventy five ramps. Southbound seventy five in pockets of slow traffic from plano, down through Richardson and the six thirty five interchange Brett Kelly with another check on that drive through grand prairie eastbound thirty little after carrier Parkway got an accident looks like it's blocking the middle lane. That has traffic loaded up now back to great southwest Parkway. Now, the Bush turnpike is starting slow northbound through grand prairie, but still actually looking good through Irving and into Carrollton. We've got Randy fuller, and he's going to check on that drive through Fort Worth eastbound thirty from the east loop that Cooper in Arlington. It's moving at a slow pace there. Northbound three sixty is slow from Arkansas past thirty in Arlington. Eastbound thirty at Baird farm a disabled vehicles on the right shoulder. Tow truck is on the scene flares are down. And there are no major. Delays westbound thirty before Ferguson accident right center lane, Amy giving us a heads up on that that's going to add as a modern heavy traffic stretching from Buckner and continuing on into the downtown Dallas interchanges Lancaster westbound twenty four thirty five acted in the two right lanes. You now for morale, Bonnie view and a single Ville westbound one seventy-five Siegel Ville road stalled eighteen Wheeler partially into that right lane causing some slowing as well. I'm Joyce Nielsen. Your next report at six fifty eight and breaking traffic alerts when they happen..

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