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In a rare statement a spokesman for special counsel. Robert Muller disputes parts of a BuzzFeed report that says personal attorney Michael Cohen lied at the direction of President Trump about a business deal in Moscow. CBS news is next. The snow is starting to come down. Let's go to CBS news. CBS news update special counsel, Robert Muller's offices, disputing key elements of a report that President Trump directed. His former attorney to lie to congress about a real estate deal in Russia. It raises questions about a story. That's dominated the news cycle for the last twenty four hours. Here's correspondent Paula Reid. Special counsel's office released this statement in response to buzzfeed's reporting buzzfeed's description of specific statements to the special counsel's office and characterization of documents and testimony obtained by this office or guarding. Michael Collins congressional testimony or not accurate Rebecca row fee is a CBS news legal contributor general rule is not to make public statements is to keep their heads down and do their work. But when it gets to the point where the public is being sentenced to a sort of tailspin over something that's not true. It makes sense that they might want to come forward. And correct BuzzFeed stands by its reporting. The president tweets fake news is truly the enemy of the people. CBS news update. Are mad piper. This is W w chain. Newsradio nine fifty at twelve thirty two. And the winter storm is our big story this morning. It's a common refrain during the height of the snowstorm. I haven't seen a salt truck yet, Royal commission for Oakland County spokesman Craig Bryson says that doesn't mean they aren't out there. We have two thousand seven hundred miles of road of our own and another two hundred fifty miles of state highways that we maintain a thousand miles of road. We have our maximum plead out of two hundred six trucks. So. Been likelihood of you being at the same place as a truck at the same time relatively low even though he was focused on them. More heavily traveled roads during the storms. Bryson says despite the snow falling on the weekend. The full contingent of one hundred and six salt trucks will be out clearing. The roads with drivers working sixteen hour shifts southeast Michigan isn't the only place getting smacked with snow this weekend reporter, Katie Alexander is along the east coast at buffalo, Niagara international airport where passengers are crossing their fingers all of the airlines I fly out of buffalo. Niagara international have now offered waivers. So passengers don't have to pay the usual fees to change their plans. Some plans though, are non-negotiable we have a wedding. So I can't exactly the weddings going to go on as planned, and I have to have to get there. So we're moving forward if you're planning on flying out this week and make sure you check your flight status before you come to the airport and give yourself plenty of time at the air. Airport to airport tweeted out earlier this week that TSA times are running about ten minutes, but because of the government shutdown we should give yourself ninety minutes before your flight to be safe and we'll see four to eight inches of snow in this area. And we will be under that winter weather advisory starting at two AM, we're getting reports, and according to our radar the snow is beginning to fall in Monroe this hour, if you're in that area you want to look out for that..

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