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Appreciate your taking my call Mike you budget so long Steve who sounds like he has a radio talk show of his own. I don't know. But he's owns that way. Doesn't mean a little bit like that. I thought eight forty seven quick pause time for one more. What you tell me one more than the quick pause. Hold on the longest Mark. I mark. How're you doing? Mike how you doing fine? Thank you. Good. I'm gonna take the exact opposite -sition at the last caller had and I'm looking forward and saying. Cavanaugh isn't confirmed today in the all over with the problem that they have me to move in such as if he's not confirmed today. This is all gonna end it won't be any more hearings are investigations. But keep in mind at least specifically with sweat, Nick. Accused of being a serial rapist. Yup. So if he's not confirmed today, and this all just goes away. I mean, that's just proof positive right there. This is just a, you know, a BS show, it'd be proof positive that this stuff works the character assassination, works definitely works. But also reference that in regards to this FBI investigation. Everyone wants to set the I investigation to go forward. Let's clear the snaps name in the state of Maryland. There's no statute of limitations on rape. Sooner regards, the sweat, Nick. She can file a criminal charge at any time against this, man. She hasn't done it. Well, we'll see what happens in a criminal investigation is going to be more thorough background check. Well, we'll know where we stand by noon today. Exactly. In the vote. I got you gotta go see eight forty eight. Is it is from the UCLA traffic center. According to U S news Westchester hospital offers more high performing specialty services than any hospital in the region. Eastbound seventy four continues slow Harrison rival to an accident. Northbound southbound seventy five brake lights through walk one southbound seventy one out of Kenwood down to red Bank. And a report of a wreck northbound seventy one at red, Bank and fog still very thick there. Chuck Ingram, NewsRadio seven hundred wwl w. Right outside. We got kind of creep in my way right now. So.

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