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Station for news, traffic, and weather. Newsradio nine twenty and one four seven FM w HD two taught in providence WB to eighty four Warwick and w h JJ providence. Edgar Garcia right hander is going to come in to replace pathetic. Nick went six gave up five hits four runs. They were all earned and all driven by Reuss. Nick. The. RBI single in the first three run home run in the fifth. Otherwise, prevent was terrific. He did walk three. But those all came in that first. Struck out nine. He matched Chandler shepherd the strikeout total one hundred one pitches predictive ETA, sixty four of them were strays. So it'll be the night one and two of the attack in order to greet. Edgar garcia. Coming on into his eighth game at girl with his first extended time at triple A overhead wind up and the bitch to Josh Tobias leading off his fouled back into the screen now, they can one youngster Garcia only twenty two last season playing mostly for reading pitched in forty seven games. The one is bounced foul again straight back, then get a lot of that Ditto bias, it's too. Garcia this season. Wins one loss and two six one ERA. He does have a save is given up just six and ten and a third. The two bounces in there. He goes off speed to tilt bias. This guy Garcia has already this season. Fourteen strikeouts in ten and a third inex-. Forty man roster guy for the Phillies yet to make his big league debut. The one to Tobias swings and hits at hardman right at the second basement and Rodriguez Shaun's got it. And he throws out fellow second Secker, Josh till bias hearted ball. Feels like their fifth more than a fair share of those today batters of it exactly as they'd like to. But it's been right at one of the influence. Tobias for three top of the order. Here's Mike Miller. One out bottom seven. Mike escorts who runs tonight? It takes fastball right down Broadway for strike one. Has walked singled stolen Abass want to officially is. Mike miller. Garcia once wing and a foul tip right into the catcher's. Mitt fact, grew Yonne holds on. And it's nothing to you know, it's a lot different looking at Lehigh valley. Bullpen and not seeing Pedro bateaux at the back end of it as has been the norm. The last few years overhead wind up Neo tube ounces into Miller one in two zero the all-time saves king for Lehigh valley. Is in the Mexican league. And if you were worried about his ever-growing, save totals fear. Not he has three saves already in eight appearances in Mexico. Want to pitch? Check swing hits the bat goes foul. Miller.

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