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This is Mickey Whit and I thought it's important to have Iran to remember Ashley but also talk about some things that she has going on. Mickey, welcome to the podcast. Thank you for joining me. I'm going to start by just asking you about it's now been, of course, a little while since Ashley's death, but as a mom, I imagine this is something that never goes away. I just want to ask how you're doing. And how you'll remembering Ashley with some passage of time. Well, you know, every day, I miss Ashley every day, and I think about her every day. But, you know, it's time to go forth and try to seek justice and restore her reputation. And maybe, you know, Estelle some of the things the spell, some of the things that this country has said about her, not patriots, because I believe patriots know her spirit, the spirit she went there in with a million other people to redress their government over a stolen election, which is really at the heart of the issue. The fact that an election was stolen from this country and we are lost to it. You know, not only January 6th, but look at the downfall of this country and people don't understand that the insurrection was on November 3rd. And the fact that all of this stems from that, you know, and your movie 2000 mules, that sets out. That's proof. You know, and some Nancy says we can't see the 14,000 hours of footage, but there has been some video come forth from the Patriots that were there that day that is pushing the truth to the top. And I have confidence that someday our children will land on the right side of history. I mean, it seems like I'm thinking here now the January 6th committee and this kind of last ditch attempt to recast their narrative and it appears that they seem to be operating with the premise that not only was the election not stolen, but Trump knew it wasn't stolen. And so almost as if this was a completely perverse effort, to try to overthrow democracy itself, but I think the point you're trying to make is that Ashley and the others were defenders of democracy. They believed that democracy itself had been perverted. Absolutely, that's absolutely true. And you know, that was the gun tote and populist that showed up there that day, and yet nobody brought their weapons with them. So I highly doubt that anybody could classify it as an insurrection. And the January 6th committee hearings, they're not hearings. It's a show. You know, hearings are when you present both sides. You cross examine witnesses. You question real people. You know, they had, how can you do a January 6th hearing and not mention Ashley babbitt, not mention Michael bird, not mention Mathieu kerner, not mentioned Roseanne boylan or Benjamin Phillips or Kevin grace and how can you have a January 6th committee hearing without mention any of those names? And I understand that errors, the man errors that testified a couple of days ago. He was given a deal with his plea deal to provide testimony. Well, Matthew perna, he came with Matthew fernand. Did he mention Matthew fernand? Did he mention the loss of his good friend that he came to the capitol with that day? He did not because he was not allowed to. And the fact that it is all such a show and ran down the people's throats. You know, how are our January 6th defendants supposed to get a fair trial? Not only in D.C., but now this has been shoved into every home in America. You come home from work, you turn on TV every single mainstream media station knows that on there. And unless you're looking for news about January 6th and seeking out shows like you and Dave Samuel and Cara castronova and reading their things and then you are told what to believe. And so many people are happy with doing that that it's really shocking. But it can't be mad at him because a year and a half ago I may have been one of them. And now I just, the things that I believe are government capable of capable of, just overwhelming to me, seriously, it cracked my foundation. January, January 6th, my foundation in my belief and the government and just the fact that they have our best interest at heart. They do not. You know? And the 14,000 hours of footage and the discovery that needs to that are 6 defendants need. It would show the probability of the FBI and Nancy Pelosi. That's why they can't see it. That's why they've been held so long in solitary confinement so that, you know, they would have time to put on this big production. And if there's nothing to hide why the big production and even if you don't believe in the politics of the people that went there that day on January 6th to redress their government, then let's believe in the constitution. These men that are sitting in jail are being denied their due process. Due process is guaranteed right of the constitution the United States. And so is the right to protest. The First Amendment. You know, and they murdered American citizens that day unarmed American citizens, not just my daughter, but four others that we know of. And I believe they're responsible for Brian sicknick's death because he had a stroke. They didn't get him attention. Also, you know, Ashley's wound was possibly survivable if they had rendered her aid at the time. Not only did they not render her aid, but sticking with the theme of the day, they did not let patriots render her aid. They let my daughter lay there and bleed out without, you know, even trying to save her. And Roseanne, and there were patriots trying to save her. And they were not allowed to.

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