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Hey and welcome to another week of five minute funkaway this week. We are winding down to the end of the year in. I am so excited for twenty twenty two com. I've got some fun plans. In fact I've got a bottle of champagne that brought all the way back from France from my visit to the Champagne region earlier this year and I love having fun plans like this. You know when it comes to function. Some of the best punctuate you can have isn't have any doesn't have anything to do with turtles or fountains mountains or facing directions. It's about fun. You know one of the best ways that you can raise your function and have good. Funkaway is just had fun enjoyment festivities and happy times to your homes. I love having fun at my home. It's I like to laugh. We have a good time and it's important that the energy at home is light and bright. Because you want to feel Like you're happy at home right And there's if there's any place that you need to be happy you shouldn't have to escape your house to feel happy. You should be able to walk through the front door and feel good that you can See some happy memories looking around or you just feel good being there. You know when it comes to having fun. The vibrations of laughter in simple enjoyment will permeate the surroundings of your home. And if your home is the place for you know happy gatherings full of festive people than you've done a lot toward me here funkaway better. I promise you and that can change your outlook your happiness in. I believe your bottom line to. I haven't known now I do know. Some people who are wealthy aren't unhappy but by and large. My wealthy clients are some of the happiest funniest people I know. They're really light hearted Really most truly wealthy people have lots of fun and enjoyment alive mostly because they can afford it. What is it Money doesn't buy happiness but you can buy a yacht and pull up next to it. I'm a big believer in that. You know that when you're very serious or you're always looking at the negative side of life you know that energy of money isn't going to come to you. It's going to be harder. It's going to be a slog instead of joyful and When we approach life in it in a more joyful manner I think life approaches us in a more joyful manner. But that's not the only reason why I mean. Every time we have pleasant and enjoyable times in our house we build our happiness energy and this kind of Energy Creates Shane. Chee and this is called. Butte Xinke means basically beautiful energy and this Xinke raises our energy level and that attracts prosperity as well as business and financial opportunities. So try these tips. I wanted to talk to you about how to improve your fun. Sh- way to help you in your life enjoy life more. Have more pleasant times at your home and improve your bottom line too so number one is make sure that you have fun at home so make your Home Party Central. You know by inviting guests and enjoying pleasant conversations. Good Times you do a lot to lift the energy of your home. I remember when I went to do some functionally Trini in Singapore. I was invited to a couple of parties and in fact when I went to do training with Lillian to. She has a a party for every class that she has. She knows that inviting all these people with this. Great Energy will Lift the energy of her home. So Make Your House Party Central I. It really can make a big difference in terms of the energy of your home in your life. You know even simple things like playing games with your family Fills your home with laughter. One of our family favorite games is called guest yours and is like guest and then T. U. R. E. S. It's SORTA like charades ton of fun. Gosh every time we break that out we laugh and laugh and have the best time You know and and try making a family meal and put it in the formal dining room on Saturday or Sunday nights as a weekly treat you know so often if you have a formal dining room it just gets ignored except for you know a couple of special holidays you know and and and you know that that really should be used. I I believe I think it says hey even a simple Sunday night. Dinner is a special time with your family. I'm a big believer in that. I I really do. I think it makes a big difference. You know all these things when you use your dining room regularly and you treat your meals even your everyday meals a special and you're just In your family having them over for a special meal even when it's not a holiday that raises the energy of your home and and and speaking of your home I think about how you can live in up your inner home which is yourself you wanna live in yourself up. A friend of mine once joked that she had enough black clothes in her closet to outfit eight women for a funeral and it's true and You know we love. Our black clothes have really tried to move away from that in the black section of my closet gotten smaller and smaller every year. And I've found that you know can bring extra energy to yourself and lift your personal cheap. By wearing bright and vivid colors The colors imbue us with their energy Like on days that I wanna be extra productive or energetic. I'll wear Brown slacks like Bigwood with a red shirt which is fire because bigwood makes big fire Now if money's on your mind wear black pants and a green shirt maybe you want to get everyone to to Get along as far happiness. Beige or gold pants with a red shirt is a perfect combination. But Hey you know I'll even share with you. I wear red undies. You know if you want to lift your energy up. Hey start from the start from the bottom up. You know you know go all the way in and where a rebrand panties especially if you're going for an interview or something that's important a hot date anything like that it gives you a little extra verve you know so look at your look at your wardrobe and see where you can change things up you know. Lighten things up brightened things up. Change Your Hairstyle. Try DO COLOR. Try Different Shade of Lipstick. It's really interesting. Deuce induced new styles go online and look at Youtube. There's all kinds of cool stuff about Ways that you can change your hair and your look also. Let's talk about new energy. This is a great way to bring fun energy in your home so new objects for your home that brings new energy for your home. A new object for yourself like a new top or something. That can reenergize you but I also like to do things that are new Explore nearby city. Go to a new restaurant do something. You've always wanted to do or try new energy. I can't tell you how important that is. It keeps our homes activated. It keeps US. Revitalized and energetic and keep your surroundings are ourselves. Surrounded by new energy helps keep our energy level high and looking forward to in expectantly positive outlook and that draws more love money and happiness to us a big believer in new energy. We need lots of lots of it. figuring out what makes you happy to if a bouncing new kitten Makes you break out in a small one I go to your local shelter and adopt a new. Kitty it's important that we make choices that make us happy and sometimes the hard part is figuring out what it is that makes us happy so make a list for yourself. Make a list of ten things that make you happy. It's whether that's hot chocolate in the morning or cute figurine on your desk. If you see something you really love and I mean really love by it. I don't care what it costs just by it. You know it's amazing how honoring your feelings brings the most wonderful and amazing things back to you. I have found that when I just said I don't care what it costs. I'm just doing it and I do it. I had the most amazing things happen. I did that at a ridiculously expensive hotel. I was shower with all kinds of awesome stuff. Champagne you use name. It's it's really amazing. How win you honor yourself and what you really love? And what makes you happy? Life has a way of honoring that and there's just no better functionality than being surrounded by things that you really truly love that make you happy. Let's talk about one other thing and that is to symbolize happiness for yourself once you know what happiness looks like to you find.

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