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Make it three straight for the AFC AP's. Cal Cassandra reports. The NFC struggles continue in the Pro Bowl. It was a wet and wild two thousand nineteen NFL Pro Bowl where team AFC defeated team NFC twenty six to seven at Camping World stadium in Orlando fans were treated to performances by Patrick Mahomes. Andrew luck. Russell wilson. Dak Prescott Ezekiel Elliott and saquon Barkley to name a few. Despite the score. It was all fun and games both locker rooms after the game. Now the football world heads to Atlanta for Super Bowl. Fifty three. Kyle Cassandra Orlando. How we deal with our allies around the world has changed under the Trump administration. And as a piece Ben Thomas reports a new poll suggests most Americans don't think highly of the president's foreign policy approach the latest Associated Press NOISE center for public affairs research poll finds thirty five percent of respondents approve of President Trump's handling of foreign policy while sixty three percent disapprove in about half of all respondents think the country's global standing will deteriorate during the next year. But as with other issues, there's a wide partisan divide with seventy six percent of Republicans saying the president's doing okay on foreign policy, but only eight percent of Democrats. However, the president does fare better when it comes to his plan to remove US troops from Syria with thirty nine percent saying they approve compared with thirty five percent saying, they disapprove, Ben Thomas, Washington. Sarah. Jessica Parker and Jeff bridges are bringing a couple of famed characters back to life in a new Super Bowl commercial Parker will appear as Carrie Bradshaw from sex in the city bridges as the dude. From the film, the big lebowski in a commercial for Stella Artois, beer, which will help raise money to combat water shortage, the poor it forward campaigns initiative between the brand and water dot org, which is co founded by actor Matt Damon.

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