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Out, who did it they never do Chicago police, say it was gang related four others were wounded in three shootings on the city's south, and. West sides, one man is, in custody in London he's accused of ramming. His car into pedestrians and eventually into a security. Barrier just outside the houses, of parliament this. Happened about two hours ago Mark white. Is with our partners. At Sky, News he's at. The scene know at this stage whether this is related Doc Coaltion any incident like this purely a worrying incident with a vehicle into the security. Barriers eighty s being treated like London's counterterrorism, division is leading the, investigation for primary elections today voters in Connecticut Minnesota Vermont and just. To our north in Wisconsin head to the polls a South Korean court has. Found a former star politician not guilty in a case prompted by the so-called metoo movement is a former provincial governor he was accused of sexual abuse, today as the district court, in Seoul found him not guilty back locally opening statements begin. Today in a high profile. Murder trial of two men accused of killing Chicago teenager Pendleton back in two thousand thirteen Therese. Election wrapped up yesterday Pendleton was gunned down at a park near then President Obama's home in the city's Kenwood neighborhood she'd performed it Obama's second inauguration just a week before she. Died and federal judge in Chicago. Could decide today whether to temporarily blocked construction projects at the site of the, future Obama presidential centered in Jackson park. The suit was filed last week by park prep Preservationists after a sometimes report revealed. Trees were being cut down Down without a final.

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