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There by the thousands abidance easter new york on planes on though the what the migrants from mexico. The thousands like bro. My grandma's having a stroke. In real time i love her. I said is shit still. Have i thought this stuff ended. I say grandma. You're not watching your cooking shows today. What do you let me let me talk to you for set. Granny real quick. You're ninety one years old. Because because i the i said like listen care not yet okay through all this and this goes back to kennedy thing to a little bit but she said on top of it california's party to the ground there. I said grandma. I'm driving my range over down the highway area. Now there's people outside drink and smoke in. Having a great time the taxes are a little high. There's a few homeless people here. Don't get me fucking wrong. But i assure you. We are not sitting in a pool of lava as the news as implored you to think. Okay and she's like go. Listen to me for a second. What if the news was to. What if the migrants were coming by the millions and by the way bringing makarios with orders to kill one family member per household and your house is up next. You have a broken hip. You are ninety one years old and you don't know the difference between a cooking show and hannity. I'm sorry what the fuck are you saying right now and it dawned on me that people out there are still doing this. They're still watching the news and screaming at the television. I thought that she ended novo. No no bro. she's like why won't you. She said to me the following. Why won't you just listen to the news man. No my why won't you. This is not an individual incident isolated. Why won't you listen. Why don't you just listened to the news man and get their burning down. 'cause he has a boss within agenda and he's reading off a teleprompter that was provided. By the oh you should speak about regret that was provided by the sponsors of the show. It's just so it's sad bro. And she won't snap out of it. Well you know what let letter be men. Because she's going to have you ever seen a old person's head explode once wasn't pretty. That's what i'm saying. China's such a voice on this trip an old have that you've gone. It was over. I feel like throughout time. Everybody's kinda lead. Their people through fear actually debated this with my church bra. I went head to head with my church. I'd pay to see that bro. I went ahead to my mom and dad was so mad a lot. Not just my church. They don't do that anymore. By the way they change this but a lot of churches don't actually this is probably a tip the nevermind. I don't wanna talk about when you said all that. Did you say anything. No i realized what was going. And i know judge cut it. So it's like fucking. I have a question for you. Yeah why did chelsea handler. Show up to your house when we were having.

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