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The past hundred years led belly of course has got her pretty popular version um we ah yeah there's all kinds of like i guess it goes back hundreds years though so by the way something has happened for those of you listening at home something has happened on stage the fairfield four are are are suddenly with us big materialize on day you really ought to come to these show sometimes vote them and they were they were lowered onto the stage with hydraulics it was it was amazing we do a very quietly so as not to distract willie while he's tuning on but but took you guys the fearful for his on this wrecker that's right they sing a few songs on the record with me including include yes including this this next number sampson and delilah leaving the by an away he afa edna way upi wait in down last and she was warmer genes is five and then fair she had good looks god does and cold through lazett g g the wound sanson's when foods dissoled the roma it would be may have ten lazett shooting sanza sentence d do sympton of wiggled strength lies and if you please please do so to know who spoke so south some trouble all you can see it and then staying calm natural has nan the man de no way if i had not on the way i had the way home built in doubt simpson dozens of lies the got an attempt to sanson jumped a foul meant in fact nizhny if you defy file his beeston killed manziel is incense got his hands in lhasa in general with his brand and kill the immunity and these made liam payne wave the way he afa no way mizzou in down steve sampson then i'll win the was the strong man that democrat the his leila when the wizards sampson what through walked in look looked on the ground and asano jonathan when even stressed that is our own him north sinn ads on movin ten thousand was dead and the way nia long bad mile away if i had my way the superior in five wave sad this old ubuntu ricki mary field simpson and delilah.

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