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May abandon nesting activities of it feels threatened alive. Cam has been set up on the Friends of Big Bear Valley website. Debra Mark Ko Phi News. Let's Take a look at this problem on the 10 again. Nance in Montclair on the 10 eastbound approaching Monte Vista. Now the left crossover Lane is Lot and earlier crash here, but major damage to the traffic barrels the attenuate ear's so they are attending to that your drive is going to slow down right around town Avenue, PICO Rivera, I heard about a wreck on the 605 south in Washington Boulevard, where the left lane is taken away. Your crowded now through Beverly Boulevard K A pie in the sky is sponsored by injury. Attorney Superwoman super lawyer dot com Jeff Bob back to the 91 71. Indeed, one of the fire is now that Jennifer mentioned that's really impacting traffic. So listen up. This is actually yesterday's fire that started around Crone Airport. Very active fire crossing the 71 just north of the 91. Now the 71 itself is now shut down. They were trying to do a little while ago, but they've done it. That's pretty much 83 or Butterfield branch all the way down to the 91 in both directions. There's still venting some traffic off right now. The West 91 is a crawl. It has been for some time. Really, From the 15 to the 71 Get up to the West. 60. I know it's a little bit out of your way. Probably, but an easier job. It would get you from the 15 over to the 71 57 without too much trouble injured in an accident business superwoman super lawyer dot com. JEF Boeke a F find the sky Okay, I find this guy who helps get you there faster. I'm robbing banks. If your teeth have gotten loose, painful, decayed, even falling out. Let me suggest you do something about it. Cunning dental can give you new permanent teeth in just.

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