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Computers, graduate scholarships, tutoring, studying abroad and internships. My camp in Washington. There is clean up going on around Chicago after a tornado touched down around Naperville, Matt freed line Is that the National Weather Service? It's not that rare for for tornadoes in Northern Illinois, we usually get some every, uh, spring and summer. Sometimes there are just a few weeks short lived ones in a year. Other times we can have bigger events. Thunderstorms brought much needed cooled down to parts of Western Europe over the weekend as the Continent sweltered Under its first summer heat wait, dozens of people reported drowned as they sought relief from the heat. A judge is set to hear arguments over whether a lawsuit that alleges fraud during the November general election and Fulton County, Georgia should be dismissed. Fulton County, the county election board and the county courts clerk have all filed motions asking the judge to dismiss the lawsuit. Fully vaccinated. Canadian citizens will be exempt from two weeks of quarantine when returning to the country in early July. Former top adviser to Jordan's King Abdullah and a relative of the monarch have pleaded not guilty to sedition and incitement charges. This is a P news Claudette is over the Carolinas and back at tropical storm status. The system is blamed for at least 13 deaths. National Hurricane Center specialist Brad Reinhart says Claudette is moving offshore later today, but not before leaving what could be more destruction in its path, including a possible tornado in the outer banks. Look for some gusty winds on portions of you know for eastern North Carolina of the next several hours, possibly an additional 1 to 2 inches of rain. As well as the you know, possibly a tornado, he says. The wind forecast is 40 MPH with heavier gusts over the weekend. Claudette cost several tornadoes in Alabama that destroyed homes. It also dumped up to 15 inches of rain in parts of the state, causing flash flooding as well as that deadly crash involving those Children. I'm Julie Walker. The NFL's Buffalo Bills received the green light from New York health officials to return to full capacity for home games this season, Unvaccinated fans will have to wear masks. Ed Donahue. AP News Myanmar's and Sang Suki tells lawyers testimony against her is false only about the BR hma. One lawyer says Sushi did not give any separate comment but had listened with interest during the entire court hearing process and told us which testimony is wrong and which one should be cross examined. The charges are relatively minor. But if convicted, could keep her from contesting new elections promised by the military within two years if its takeover critics of the ruling Hunter say the proceedings against Suki politically motivated and meant to try to legitimize the military's seizure of power and discredit.

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