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I mean, get the podcast of the show. It's free. What are you doing? If you don't have it already. Just go get it. It's it's great and lots of doing the show today. We're gonna have a storyteller come on in here. Chicago storyteller. We've had him on. I think we had him on a few years ago. Now, Jack Zimmerman is his name. And he is someone who is really a fantastic storyteller. He's actually participating in one of the longest running Chicago's storytelling series. That's coming up on Tuesday. So Jack will be here talking about what what's a great story. Then previewing this event, which is a lot of fun. So you should check this out. We'll talk all about it. And we'll find out what it's like running for alderman in Chicago. You know, we did this a few months ago, we checked in with an alderman candidate name is Katie Iraqi, and we see all these candidates. We see people running for office. But sometimes we only think about the public speeches, and and what we see in the public sphere. And we forget that there's a lot that goes into the stuff behind the scenes, so we'll check in with Katie just she's a first time candidate just to see what that's like running for alderman once again. And of course, our good pal. Steve Krakow, the author of the secret history of Chicago music column in the Chicago reader he hand draws this column. He'll be telling us all about the the secret history of these eighties. Pop rockers these guys known as the service. So that's all coming up on the show. We say Hello right now to the show's producer Coliseum, and what's up, Colin? What were you doing for your? Twenty seven th birthday, Mike. I've no clue twenty seventh birthday. No idea. Yeah. It just seems like such a long time ago. Right. It'd be eleven years ago. You didn't have to give that information. I'm not one of these people. I admit I'm thirty eight. I'm I'm admitted up thirty thirty eight Obama ripe thirty eight Colin not a shame not ashamed. Dumpty is seventeen. No, no, no, no. You're eighteen eighteen and a half. Now. The nice ages like you wanna be twenty four twenty five. That's the age. I wanted to stay there. Yeah. Like everything like, maybe not the money. I was not making a lot of money at twenty four twenty five true like physically I was in my game. I was in my house. That's the sweet spot. You know what I'm saying? Thirty two is the real sweet spot. They say that's when the money starts coming. You know? That's when things started to now. And you hit thirty five and it's all downhill from there. Right. So you got thirty two, you know, you you try to replicate it for thirty three still hold on to it for thirty four. And then you go off the cliff say there's a thirty five I was still holding onto the fact like, no, it's my early thirties. It's my early thirties. I'm thirty two still numb and you're thirty five you're mid thirties. And now thirty eight it's yeah. It's game over then you've got the flip flops and then the cargo short start coming while I was having that a long time ago. I was like advanced aging syndrome in that sense. 'cause I love my flipflops a love Makarios got on crocs right now. Trying to ease into it with socks or. No, oh with socks and dad. It all the way I love it. I love it. Hey, really quick dormancy were out doing this thing for the election this this? This was really cool partnering with many and you're driving people to the polls literally driving people to the polls. I was like Uber to the post. So anyone who had trouble mobility issues? Didn't have a way to get to the polls. I did my best to just pick people up and go, and I just started with my friends who usually don't vote for midterms hop in with me. Wow. On a vote. Let's do that's really cool. So like where you just tooling around in the in the city of the neighborhood saying, hey, did you go vote you come on in? I'm kind of I kind of was and this is the weirdest part about it, Mike, I put this postal social media. And then people, you know, texted me said, hey, I need a ride like, and I said I wish I had more a system. I wish I had some type of app. So I just put my my number out there. I said, hey, take my phone number down. Shoot me a text. If I'm close to you. I'm gonna come give to the polls and it worked really well for election for early voting because you could go to any polling place. Yeah. You vote early. So it was pretty cool. That's good for you for doing that, man. You know, we don't always make it easy to vote because first of all it's on a Tuesday. Ryan the day, right? You know? So I think any any way we can help folks out to get them to the polls to exercise their voice and their power. I mean that that's great. So good for you. I saw that. And I said. Adobe? No that that is that is pretty cool. Now, they didn't let you keep the mini. Did they know? I cried a little bit. I returned it yesterday. And I was like you have to like do you guys need it back? And they said, yes. Wow. Gave it back yesterday recipe to my mini, but it's it's one hell of a car, man. We'll good for you. And did you wear any of your famous suits because domestique and rocket suit? I'll I'll I had to leave the suits off because I had to actually work. I don't want to sweat the suits out. All right. Well, you know, it's funny because I require Colin to wear suits when he comes into the radio station, so Collin thanks for dressing up today that three piece suit is it's a delight. I think your nose is growing. Yeah. Okay. Well, I'll tell you what I'm going to take a break because Colin is also in my ear saying, hey, dude, you gotta take a break. I wore a suit for you. So I will do that. I don't know what's happening. The show just keeps getting better. Stay tuned. You are listening to outside the loop. I am Mike Steven right here on seven twenty WGN..

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