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Welcome to the mic sees, I'm your host. Are we doing I'm going to announce all the teams in the NFL that are still in the mix? All right. So you get the decide this do we get to argue with you or you just going to proclaim it, and it's an award show. We're going to give them a little trophy. Yeah. You guys get feel free to argue. But listen what a wonderful year for the next. Sees it really. It's been a banner year for the mixie's so many mixie's to give out. Sadly, we've said goodbye to a lot of mixie legends. When Bruce Arians was there was there. The cardinals were always in the mixie's. Yes. Yep. No longer in the mixie's Oakland was in the mixie's for a couple of years there where we were wondering if the raiders were real no longer in the mctigue. Yeah. Fond farewell and surprise team. No longer in the mic. Sees is the Atlanta Falcons who a couple of years ago should've won a Super Bowl there in the Quincy's the S Jacksonville's not in the mixie's either right out of the mixie's. Jacksonville's officially out of the mixie's you arrive here. The teams that are in the mix. All right. Well, hold on thing. Let's. Nice. So we're going to now celebrate this with the appropriate fanfare each one. But you're announcing it or do we have to agree on it? And then we'll reconvene like, let's let's do it by committee now. Okay. We could do it by committee. That's that's fair. All right. What are the academy? Yes economy. All right. So even while losing five straight games. All the Carolina Panthers are still in the mix for your consideration the promotional handful pant Carolina Panthers. Congratulations despite the five game losing streak. You are still in the man. Now despite four straight losses a couple of injuries at quarterback and being nice forty on the season. No, no. He wants to know still in America. Oh economy may wanna discuss today. So all sorts of trouble on the set for Washington, we've gone through three different directors who the hell was playing quarterback for them yesterday which Josh Johnson, which one. I was at the former Mormons and Bluejays richer, which drudge Johnson was that that they finally said oh, come on. Mark sanchez. Get out of here suggest Johnson. Then I believe hadn't thrown an NFL pass in two thousand eleven he can't get capital in there because he's too far removed from the game. All right. So do we have agreement here? We don't want politics with our award shows. What's the matter with you? Holliday was understanding facts outta here. Hollywood political or the Redskins still in the mix that we have. No, okay. Well, I am sorry. Take a long time though, isn't it? So despite a coaching change and the interim coach using both his challenges inside of ninety seconds. They have the greatest quarterback who's ever lived there. Five seven one. And that's why could come in very handy at the end of the season the Green Bay Packers in the max. Right. Tarintino is gonna get a nomination anytime. He puts a movie out, right? And Rogers in the mixie's are they in the mixed? I feel like they're in the midst of the way Kevin Hart was in the mix. You lose Tarazona. It's like they find gay slurs in your past. They're in the mix. Okay. Now despite rotating quarterbacks and we are a week away from Ryan Fitzpatrick coming in and lighting up the world. No, no, listen. I know trade the minus not one but the five eight Tampa Bay Buccaneers now know award shows. Putting ever you can't give everyone on the war. This isn't a participation naked Could get. get. All right. All right. The mixie's continue.

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