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Impossible to do. And that's why you don't see many Kito guys being a champion oriented case, they have to really change their style. And like I said a close close distance they might pull off some some submissions. But otherwise, it's very difficult. Is he talking about Steven Seagal and sounds like you're just talking about Steven Steven Seagal have you ever heard? Joe Rogan starts doing the, gene. Told me he couldn't get out. Because he pooped his pants. No doubt. I think I mean, I might be biased because bosses my favorite fighter. I think the greatest your saint-pierre though, his career was was unbelievable twenty six and two. It's just. Oh, it's it's it's really it's tough to see some of these guys start to go. You know that Tito Ortiz chocolate Delphi back in November though, so bad that wasn't Chuck the iceman in the octagon that was a fifty year old man named Charles fighting. Tito, Ortiz was rough to watch Punchdrunk. It was rough to watch came Velazquez on Sunday gets in Ghana. Listen, I know you want to say, his, knee buckled. And sure did. But he caught an uppercut from Ghana. I saw I saw it's just tough to see some of these guys start to fade away. Nick DS coming out saying that he doesn't want to hurt anyone's was to hang out with the guys that I grew up watching it and really rooting for just starting to call it a career, which I understand it's a rough life for sure being professional fighter, but GSP rumored to be retiring. A lot of people are picking this story today as I just wanted to ask the question. Eight away came bureaus with trying to dissect it for a second is he the greatest of all time. Stays retired to I don't mean to jump in. I hope he stays retired NATO talking back in to come and fight come out to fight could be because that's what I wanted to. I wanted to get to in his prime. He could take maybe he could take the Mamedov had something I wasn't on Instagram today. He he posted something to GSP say, hey, let's do. Let's go one more time. You'll be he's talking about how much he respects GS PD wants them in the octagon. It's not going to happen though. I think Georgia's done I mean, he took such a long break after the Hendrix win. Then he comes back. He beats biz being in New York, and that was two years ago or year. Yeah. That was to use of two thousand seventeen and then what kind of business you think though that fight would do up in Quebec, oh, come on twenty thousand people. It'd be Quebec is the fighting man that is the fighting province up their candidates. Remember when he he remember he beat Matt Sarah in Quebec to win the welterweight championship. That place was crazy. I mean, I think no doubt he was an ambassador for for Canada and MMA up there. I sure. The grace of all time just curious about it. I really am member. Oh, what about or million Anco? That's a good one two. Oh, fater a million ankle those those days back in the pride. All it was brutal those last few fights. So he's putting the fade. Somebody's got to step in for these guys as time. I wish they would have done it to some boxers in their career. Well, maybe that's who who could do it. Maybe guys it stuck around and boxing, a little too long say, hey, you don't wanna end up like Mohammed Ali in the Bahamas getting beat up by Trevor Berbick chocolate had no business being in there. Oh my God. Awful. He looked awful sad to see. I've got the whole thing right here. What is it?.

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