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Make a note of these Twitter handles Paul fielders Twitter handle is that Felder Paul. Daniel Strauss is at Daniel Strauss. And let them know you enjoyed hearing them on the at a major radio show. We'll be back. Push it. I live in. I'm a respectable guy respect for shut. This one's George. And that one's goes. Now feel there. Trust me that is trash talk. Just that. Brit accent makes it refined trash talk with that was MVP and Paul Daley getting into it there. Remember, these two are going to face off in the upcoming world welterweight grand prix, and that actually leads to our daily debate questions. So let's do our daily debate. Brothers Garcia seemingly Kenneth green. Everybody knows it's duck season products the duck season, whether it's spilling great. Let's felling case. Great gambling, always bet on black. I like red book reading cluck, dummy even social media Instagram. Chat the same applies to the biggest stories. Giant for junkie radios debate. Here we go fellas. Michael venom pagent, Paul DOD got in plenty of verbal shots at each other. At today's in London the news conference for hashtag tour to sixteen. Do you think dailies the one to finally beat MVP Michael venom page? Yes, or no. But please expand danton it's tough. I, you know, obviously, I read a breakdown for the site, and I like to go through in depth tape. So I don't wanna be held to a pick here. But the one thing I'm going to be looking about when I go through look at the tape. I wanna see what Paul Daley does when he's frustrated. He's the more experienced guy. But the matter what you what you can say about MVP style. It's very frustrating style. And even if you know Paul dailies experiences Felton exchanges. I feel like MVP probably gonna try to even make it more fustrating. And I'm curious if that's gonna make, you know, Paul Daley, go out of position put himself out there. So I'm really interested in in it if I have to pick a side now, I will lean. Yes. But do not hold me to that. And. I'm gonna forget that when I do my analysis. So I'm not I'm not been set for buys, but put me on for for for. Yes. All right. Somebody who's fought somebody who's one big fight someone who's one world title. Someone's mug has been in that Bill to on that roof there with where you guys hanging the banners Daniel Strauss. What do you think can daily be the one to find the beat MVP? I'm with Dan, I think it all goes down to how he. You know is able to control the the ring with out MVP. I don't want to call it goof enough, but you know, with his style of fight it, right? Like, you said does a frustrated him is he able to to push forward is able to close those gaps in land that you know, that strike that he's known for or is he you know, it's like a lead left hook that. He's got a very explosive. Yeah. I'm. Like, I said, I'm leaning. Yes. To think he can get it done by closing that gap. And and not letting you know VP head, although next. All right now. I'll go go go next, Nick. All right. All right. This is what I think I think that everything is saying this spot on but something about the last year.

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