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David Price, Roger Federer, Carnegie Hall discussed on WBZ Afternoon News


The last round by Angola men and women's championship game begins at four with the closing ceremony at five in South Boston James R. O. hasta UBC Boston's newsradio northward to James sounds like some good action going on there well the lights went out without warning last night in Manhattan seventy three thousand customers affected Salim on Broadway in the Times Square WBZ radios Jamie bongo is in New York with their family they found themselves right in the middle of all that madness there inside thirty rock when the power went out one elevator were the people that down and then no elevators came back our tour guide took us into the stairwell and our guide could not get us out mentally is security guard came and did let us out we joined the giant heard of people that were being evacuated Jews came on around midnight thousands of customers without power in Manhattan including Carnegie Hall farmers who were evacuated put on an impromptu show outside on the street it is to twelve time to check sports events final at Wimbledon a pair of heavy weights with Roger Federer Novak Djokovic continue to go back and forth in the fifth set tiebreaker Djokovic able to stave off two championship points for Federer as each had been broken here in this tie breaker better of course in search of his ninth Wimbledon title joker his fifth red Sox overtake the rubber game of the Dodgers tonight when a series coming out of the break David price gets the nod he's been good with each of his last three starts he's allowed five earned over those seventeen innings with twenty two Kazin just six walks will be opposed by National League all star starter hunch in Rio who's ten into with ridiculous one seven three ERA that's of course the best in all of baseball stocks also making a move to help out the rotation when they picked up ensure Cashner from the Orioles yesterday now the plan is apparently to put nature of all the into the closer's role once he gets back from injury the first pitch tonight at seven at Fenway sports bunch by.

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