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Or at Harry Potter sacred text dot com. Google immediately like mouth, not moving and I think it might have even auto completed like toothpaste like or like like tooth brushing teeth, like whatever it is. I guess how people find out and in the doctor was like didn't know it. I. I was like, dude, I googled it. Spells Paul's like, I know what the thing is like tell me what to do next. That's good. Yeah. It's not a stroke because you don't have other stroke things. So yeah. Spills palsy. Just the immediate confusion, you know, set in I had the school plan and then had the acting class plan. And and I also had a job so could save money. And and then I got this thing. And you know, you go to the doctor, and you're like how long is it gonna last and they're like, you know, could be three weeks to be six months could be forever. And immediately. It's like, okay. There's no more plans. And I was like, yeah. It was the first time in my life where I was like I had to like get into not knowing what was going to happen. But when you're a planner what do you do in that situation you go back to work? It was interesting because you're. Selling phones and stuff and your face is kind of weird. But no one really note. It was interesting because people didn't really notice because they don't know you and they didn't really bat an eye, right? So it's like, I know I talk and kind of weird, but to the new person kind of coming in. They're like, oh, I don't you know, whatever. Hey, I helped me find this thing. And even though they were not really focused on me and more focused on a MAC book pro or whatever oddly enough, it's strangers where the most comforting to Romney. They're so concerned with their own lives that they don't even notice that. There's something wrong with him. It was still subconsciously very nice to be around a bunch of people who didn't have any sort of expectation of what you should look like therefore didn't realize that something was off. And then you could just go about the day. And so. That was really important made me evaluate a lot of the things like Meyer relationship to my body to my face. But it also made me kind of prioritize things that actually were important to me. I do think there's always a big difference between you know, what you believe. And then what you do. I think this experience helped make that gap a lot smaller. Because I I realized you know, what was important to me. And what what I needed to do. I start going back to acting class. Probably like two months in. I just remember one morning. Fed fallen asleep on the couch, and I woke up I was twitching. And I was like oh, man. This is amazing. I can move like it's gonna move it's going to start healing. 'cause they they would just keep saying wait for the twitch wait for the twitch. And I started twitching my cheek started twitching, and I was like us. It's like. Is amazing. Ended up happening with this. When it got better. I. I immediately dropped out of school. I dropped out of university. I was like, okay, cool. I'm just I'm going all in on acting and then three weeks later ibook an acting job that takes me to LA and in the following month. I moved to LA. To be a working actor on TV show. He spends like a few years in L A and then a couple years ago. He finally goes back home to jersey, and he and his friend from high school. They decide to catch up Rami offers to pick his friend up a firm move to LA hadn't really driven around my town for six or seven years. And pick up a friend. We go out, and I take him news place, my friend from high school, I take his place driving down the street. And as we're talking I'm not even paying attention to the road. And I totally subconsciously swerve out of the way of this pop. Whole that's on the road. And we keep going on a drop them off. And then I was sitting in my car for a moment after he got out. And I couldn't stop thinking about this. Because I was like oh, man. I haven't been down this street for like maybe seven years, and I somehow remembered that there was pothole in the middle of the road. Like, I like, very unconscious. Oh, yeah. This things here and hit me in this way. How much do we internalize like that? Like how many things like just like we hit a bump once and then for the rest of our lives. We swerve around them like how many emotional potholes am. I like just like swerving around. I think we all have really deep understandings of the path riposte to be on. And there are a lot of things around us that convince you otherwise or place you otherwise and so much of that is just trying to return to yourself for me. It's. Submitting is just going really inward on that feeling and. Not trying to change it trying to accept it and trying to embrace it because that's the change looking back. It's so formative in his, you know, it's very bizarre the way those dominoes kind of fell from you know, from that that one morning, and it's exciting that had happened. And I think I got to that point while I had it of being. A little excited. At having their street, you know, and and and at having that barrier because it was almost kind of freeing, okay? Nothing. I did wrong. Made this happen to my face. It just happened. So not blaming myself. And I'm able to just. Give in you know, and and really kind of see things for what they are. You

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