Donald Trump, Jeb Bush, President Trump discussed on The Lars Larson Show


But it has all weeds ben about the issues to me look we will get into this tonight as well donald trump is in fact the chaos president jeb bush was right trump is the chaos president now jeb bush thought that was a bad thing i don't think that's a bad thing we'll get into all the chaos that was trump again the day the good in the back the good and bad look i am generally a trump supporter but if you want a tune into a radio show in you want only the trump good this isn't your show if you want to tune into a radio show and you wanna here for a couple to tree hours every night that donald trump walks on water this is not your radio show there's good trump and there's bad trump there's could chaos in bad chaos will get into all that later on in this show but it has all wheeze ben about these shoes what to me has always been the most important thing the shoes not what trump says necessarily not what trump tweets necessarily not all the soap opera stuff that surrounds trump these shoes keeping moslems out of this country that aimed to do us harm.

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