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No i agree and you know using the children in this case to i mean come on the interview them what are you protesting i'm guns are bad of course the parents don't sound any smarter but you know what we should be having is we need to have you know security in place we need to have locked down schools we need to have armed guards there we release to not call it a no gun zone and i've i've said before and i advocate that we should have even if it you know i would go so far as to say even the military reserve to have an office there i said i said the police having a satellite office something but just having where at least it's a double purview having on campus police that's right now you should have a presence of that and there's and and and data alone would be enough of a deterrent the policeman would be like i remember the maytag repairman it mitigates the cost if you actually give them space there to have their bright do that you know what's really going to put a dent in things for the kids well you know but it should be and i can't believe i of all people i'm saying this but it should be a place of education you know of learning you know trying before us it wasn't it wasn't at all i was high hi in highschool i found some old pictures and it's funny because i saw i mean i'm reading some of these people have no idea who they are don't remember any of them all these people that side in the back of the big and so i mean yeah they signed you know the back of my like class picture there were so nice junior high school and and i felt so your your yearbook long picture a class picture class photo and everybody signed the back of it so people that i knew anyway so i remember him what in my one of my yearbook said you remember one group signing and that's what i had just discovered the joys of marijuana and we were getting high all the time and we were bombing it and so we were going to have a ten year reunion.

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