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As he tried to flee in his car. Police officials say she'd intended to fire her Taser. Within days. The officer resigning was charged with second degree manslaughter. The deadly encounter took place just miles from where another former Minneapolis police officer Derrick Show, Vin, Was tried and later convicted of murdering George Floyd last May. The intensifying scrutiny on the actions of officers expands to coastal North Carolina black leaders in other activists they're calling for the release of body camera footage after the fatal shooting of a black man yesterday by sheriff's deputy NPR's Sarah McCammon reports. Authorities are releasing few details about the shooting. Andrew Brown Jr was shot and killed Wednesday morning, and Elizabeth City, North Carolina as passport take county sheriff's deputies were trying to serve a search warrant. Sheriff Tommy Wooten says officers were wearing body cameras at the time, but authorities have yet to release that footage. During an emergency meeting of the Elizabeth City Council Councilman Darius Horton said he's tired of black Americans being wrongfully killed by police in city after city. We can't say that happened here yet. We don't have the information, but it needs to be put out in the forefront the body cameras that needs to be released immediately. The North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation is leading the investigation. Sarah McCammon. NPR NEWS Virginia BEACH The decades long fight for D C. Statehood came to a vote in the U. S House today. The measure to give D C voting powers in Congress was approved. The bill now faces a super battle in the U. S Senate, where Democrats hold a razor thin majority. In Russia. Police made nearly 2000 restaurant protests yesterday of jailed opposition leader Alexei Navalny. NPR's losing him reports from Moscow. Navalny thanked his supporters in a social media post. What we can in the Siberian city of could school Wednesday, protesters called for Alexei Navalny's release from prison people took to the streets and cities large and small across Russia's 11 time zones. Police held back in Moscow. But in Russia's second city, ST Petersburg, activists say more than 800 people were detained. Navalny is on hunger strike to demand medical attention for a condition that may be linked, was poisoning with a rare nerve agent last summer. Russian government's human rights commissioner says Navalny's care, meets international standards and denies he's being treated poorly. Lucy and Kim. NPR NEWS Moscow This is NPR news hits 50 degrees at 104. I'm Becky Vevey. With WBC NEWS Chicago Aldermen have approved new, affordable housing rules for developers who want to build new large scale residential developments downtown or in gentrifying neighborhoods. WB Easy's Claudia Morale reports. The change doubles the number of required affordable units for new residential developments that will have more than 10 units. Mayor Lori Lightfoot says the changes will expand the city's affordable housing stock now redesigned with an even more of an emphasis on equity and addressing our city's systematic patterns. Segregation. This ordinance will expand offsite options that target our most vulnerable residents. The existing ordinance, Last updated in 2015 requires developers set aside at least 10% of the units for affordable housing or pay a fee. Change doubles it to 20% in caps the fee alternative. Claudia Morel, WB easy News City of Chicago is now opening its covert 19 vaccination sites for walk up availability. Previously, vaccines were available by appointment. Only Chicago Health Commissioner Dr Allison are what he says the city is able to offer shots without appointments. Due to increased vaccine supply are, but he also announced today that anyone 16 and older can now get a shot in the city. Anyone under 18 is still required to get a visor shot, which is what most of city locations are using. It has now been a year since Superintendent David Brown officially took over as the leader of the Chicago Police Department, Brown has struggled to balance his promises of reform and community policing with the demands of surging violence and civil unrest. Some experts say Brown has reverted to old school policing tactics, but he's gotten high marks from others for how he's.

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