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Change, visit vehicles for change dot org today. It's a 38 traffic and weather on the eighth Jack Taylor and the W T o P Traffic Centre. Callers reporting in Virginia 66 headed west as you head out toward the Fairfax County Parkway. One broken down along the right side of the roadway. Eastbound had been a little bit heavy. Coming back from an assets into Centerville with your lanes open. Then again, a little delay at the Beltway. No big worries yet on 95. You're still go down to Woodbridge. We're a little heavy riding toward Lord and Newington. Get north on 3 95 You look good leaving Edsall Road all the way to crowd up a little bit to cross the 14th Street Bridge. Santilli 50 west at West Ox Road near Fair Ridge Drive. There had been an earlier wreck. Use caution. Maryland, Bellway still delayed topside. Add a loop New Hampshire to Georgia to 70 southbound. Slight delay at 109. Then again briefly at 1 18 as you get south. The father Hurley Boulevard reported crash in Chevy Chase Westbound on 4 10. Reported to be near Connecticut Avenue. I think we've got one broken down Jones Bridge Road, Weston, Connecticut Avenue. With that far right lane Police are on scene. Hopefully, the fire department's gone Potomac eastbound River Road after Bradley Boulevard. They've been along the right side. So do be careful. A vehicle rolled over. This is our repented toward Baltimore, 70 East after 29, but Good to go between the Beltway's 95 in the VW Park where there was a little delay your heavy south on the BW Parkway. As you approach 1 98 headed down toward 1 97. They're definitely on the brakes South on D C to 95 leaving Eastern Avenue headed toward East Capitol Street and a delay building as you are. Run I 2 95 north on to D. C to 95 toward Pennsylvania Avenue. There's been some work North Itune 95 years Suitland Parkway that was in the left lane. Watch out south ban on New Hampshire Avenue in northeast near Madison Street. This is word of a vehicle overturned involved in a crash. Having brought to you by the Virginia Department of Health Ready for your free Covid 19 vaccine visit, vaccinate dot Virginia dot gov Vore call 877 vax in v A Jack Taylor. W T o p traffic Right, Let's check out our forecast here with Matt Ritter. Mostly cloudy, warm and humid today with some patchy fog and some showers early than scattered thunderstorms will be developing around midday. Some storms could contain some.

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