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The vehicle now but in that car at all drivers still inside there have you could see officers weapons out that bareback going off we can't see that suspect but again what it ended yes you can count on news helicopter reporters to man dell minutes later LAPD officers pulled the suspect from the car to come into custody police say despite the violent collision none of the people involved suffered life threatening injuries it's gonna take a lot of money to fix earthquake damage at the California military base known as the one up at China lake a preliminary estimate says it could take more than five billion dollars to repair damage to the China lake naval air weapons station and after two large earthquakes rocked the southern California desert last month it's out there in the desert survey of more than three thousand facilities found repairing or replacing damaged buildings alone cost two billion now totals up to five billion Mukasa furniture tools equipment are included some of the parts of the base are considered mission capable sprawling Molly desert base were some of the military's most advanced weapons were tested earthquake experts the bear Los Angeles they announced that the quick warning system will be triggered at lower levels because of what happened following the two big ridgecrest earthquakes and it means a phone to be going off all more often this is all because people in LA were upset that they didn't receive alerts from the Sheikh alert LA when those two big earthquakes hit they made it clear they want warnings so scientists have oblige instead of being triggered say by a magnitude five quake the alert will now be triggered at four point five Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti what this means is simple Angelenos will get more alerts about earthquakes I will be better prepared when disaster strikes but it also means that people will be diving under desks and tables more often even for weaker earthquakes ones that are very unlikely to cause any damage or hurt anybody we decide over time it's too often we're getting that feedback we can always change that again experts believe under the lower thresholds Angelenos will get five times as many quake a large as they would otherwise in Pasadena John Baird K. an accident seventy newsradio the A. R. fifteen style assault rifle used to the killing of that CHP officer riverside is said to be illegal it had no serial number making it untraceable it's still unknown how the gunmen came to possess the weapon that killed officer Andre Moliere but it was likely assembled from parts acquired off the black market according to law enforcement sources quoted in the Los Angeles Times criminals are doing this more frequently to Dodge gun laws the bureau of alcohol tobacco and firearms as a third of all guns sees nowadays in southern California are on serialized California gun laws would have banned Erin Luther are repeat felon from possessing a gun and what of also prohibited his weapon which was believed to be carrying a thirty round magazine triple the legal number that allowed him to fire a large number of rounds before officer shot and killed him Brian paying K. and extend seventy newsradio well the usual situation the LA county sheriff's watchdog is under investigation by the LA county sheriff's department the county's inspector general access person all files for sheriff Alex we and we have another department executives as part of a review of the controversial reinstatement of a deputy who had been fired over allegations of domestic violence that deputy Carl meadowland was of the N. wave a campaign volunteer now the sheriff's department is accusing the inspector general of potential criminal conduct version we only is being used to intimidate supervisor she look cool so she and the rest of the board are standing behind the inspector general knocks on Spencer sheriff you annoy the in June told him if he went public with his findings on the mantle and reinstatement there would be a consequence quite how to take it at the time his chief of staff at the time quickly change the subject we never found out what he but I think we're finding out now Tamara kami insist department officials are in no way trying to intimidate the inspector general they just want huntsman to do its job legally we have to gather that or dark orange in April one of the county's attorneys who would warranty and what about to stop reinstating fire deputies got a call from a man claiming to be a sheriff's sergeant and threatening to arrest her department officials said at the time it might have been a scam call kill says the incident came up this week when the board met behind closed doors to talk about the sheriff's investigation into the inspector general because we were concerned about safety so we can see the same kind of threat there wasn't a threat to our I asked Thompson if he's concerned for his safety struggling to have the certificate your criminal that does give you some concerns it's our job to come he says huntsman has no reason to be worried read it all you know we're just interpersonal relationship in old town and county supervisors turned down our economies request.

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