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Like show for overall the the warriors are ten to one series fans the entire air you go so that means a cats have a one in ten chance of winning the area go that's what i'm saying and game by game it's it's really ugly though as far as like how much you had to bet on the worst win any money how do you think this audience will respond to this are you excited about the cavs warriors or less excited because i get the feeling that people are tired of seeing these two but that still the two best teams many would you want boston and houston just because it's different i hope kevin love is able to play that that to me if we can have a respectable series here yeah fritzy i think the average fan is sick of four in a row even though maybe the two best teams and you know if you're a pattern nba you just want to see the two best teams ballot once again like ali frazier or something like that but i think it'd be like sixty five percent at least thing that they're less excited yeah teams agape or tired of the war i don't think that these are two embraceable teams i think that there are people i think they're polarizing lebron polarizing for variety of reasons to people and golden state it feels like you're just they're not embraceable they were more embraceable when they didn't have kevin durant but durant goes in there and you go okay should win like why is this close guys once you start playing like you're supposed to check in with the cavaliers bill livingston has been writing about the cavaliers cleveland sports for decades.

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