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Used to be on this program. A lot law time ago, she dominates Christie Blasi Ford for the profiles in courage award a very prestigious award that is bestowed at Americans for doing. What is right for America and showing great courage of doing so. Now, the irony is this profiles of courage. It's named after John Kennedy's book. John kennedy. The most notorious womanizer to ever live in the White House next to Bill Clinton. Not only has Kennedy's. They've been mixed into countless affairs with Hollywood's leading ladies. But also the r word rape. That's also been thrown into the president's life and young Senator. So the irony of this award with Dido profiles encourage Jack Kennedy, Christine Blasi, four do I even have to explain Santa Barbara City College over the coast, they listened Hello. Santa barbara. They're raising all kinds of California hell for banning the pledge of allegiance because it smacks of white nationalism. Now, this has been a real knock down drag out affair over there that spot on some of the best in some of the worst in people. Smacks of white nationalism. I keep reciting the pledge over and over and over again by head. And where's the white nationalism? Where? We'll go through another air.

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