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You The new German Chancellor Olaf Schultz said a Russian invasion of Ukraine would trigger reprisals but he declined to say if halting the Nord stream two gas pipeline would be part of any response The U.S. is pushing Berlin to stop the pipeline which is awaiting certification by Germany if Russia invades A Hong Kong court handed pro democracy activist Jimmy lie another guilty ruling Bloomberg's Rosalind chin has the story Jimmy lai was found guilty for his participation in an unauthorized assembly last year It was a vigil for the victims of the 1989 Tiananmen Square crackdown Lie faces as many as 7 years in prison for the charge The activist is already serving 20 months in jail for his role in the 2019 anti government protests at least 24 individuals have been charged by authorities for attending the vigil Thousands of people divided police ban to join the event Activists have accused the government of using pandemic restrictions to curb the right to assembly in Hong Kong In Hong Kong and Rosalind Chen Bloomberg daybreak Europe The CEO of Instagram has clashed with U.S. senators in a hearing over the app's harm in the real world The meta company was accused of keeping teenagers addicted to its products through marketing CEO Adam Missouri pledged transparency I can commit to you today that we will provide meaningful access to data so that third party researchers can design their own studies and make their own conclusions about the effects of well-being on young people and on ranking I can commit to do all I can to explain how ranking works and to find other ways for us to be transparent about algorithms But senators said that unconvinced by Instagram's recent changes to limit teen use And in the U.S. the house has passed legislation designed to punish China for its treatment of Uighur Muslims a forced labor bill would in effect ban most goods made in China's Xinjiang region from entering the U.S. the bill still needs to go through the Senate but it demonstrates a harder line against China and is sure to anger Beijing Global news 24 hours a day on air and Don Bloomberg quick take powered by more than 2700 journalists and analysts in more than a 120 countries Hannah George this is Bloomberg Caroline Thanks so much Hannah the sports news now.

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