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Device and killing himself sources confirmed to cave e u e though through the use of cell phone technology police found the suspect at a hotel in williamson county and a chase ensued the austin police department said early wednesday morning it was working an officer involved shooting in the seventeen hundred block of north interstate thirty five according to cave you ease chris bets the austin police department and the fbi were arresting the suspect in the austin bombings bets also stated the suspect then needed a device and shots were fired were being told the again i i read some from the daily mail uk that that claim that the shots you know he was shot dead and the local reports are saying that he detonated a bomb in and committed suicide i guess we'll find out you know the truth in that in the near future the suspect this is according to cave you e the suspect attempted to evade the police and eventually detonate him quote detonated himself and of quote when officials and officers made a move on him authorities said they used surveillance video from the fedex store on brody lane in south boston to lead them to the suspect authorities said they got information from google and from the suspect's computer history that confirmed the suspect was looking at information on where to go to ship the devices according to.

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