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But that's who let's assume now what's his record? He is twenty four and ten and like we said he's making his debut on three or four days, I will take percent Hailu K by second round TKO. Yeah. What was his record though? Twenty four. And tens better veteran, he fought in elevate his last fight. He won that fight by knockout. He's got a few knockout students, I'm gonna to save a first round because again, he's coming in on I five UFC and a lot of those guys actually do okay, but Luke is ready to vital beast. Least going first round homicide. Wow. How's he going to win not by killing kale or not? Plus, this guy has I don't know if this guy's had a full campaign. No. I mean, there's no way. I mean he he's been in shape. Yeah. I'm sure he's training and everything. But he's, he's jumping in. He had a fight actually, you know what he had a fight March twenty nine so it's like he's not probably to shape but right? What's his record again? So he's been to the dance. Krantz. Yep. Bin Laden's ajar banks. Now, are they on the main card? No, so that they are the main event of the prelims that's a five o'clock. It's actually Megan Anderson, flushes spencers is actually on the Spencer, six dollars for first fight and actually make my pin. All right. Make you jump the gun Jimmy make you pick. Right. All right. He'll he'll take you back. Talking about it. You think you banks for twenty percent? He thinks he's on jeopardy. That ratio. How many finishes by submission? I know where I wish I was anywhere, but fucking here. Why are you sit next to me? You're asking how many finishes this submission and or by knockout, in the USA? Much to put you to work your last day got bitch day already, and he's got his Hawaiian shirt on. I know rip that fucking pizzas shouldn't hippie mug. He has four submission wins in the UFC, and he has want. Four five chaos. Well, it's time to even the score. Don't look at me long ago. I'm gonna say the same thing by submission in the first round. Yup. I'm gonna take. I am going to go with vicinity. I right now again I think he's ready to go. He's a finisher. And from what I understand aircraft. Also, got to come forward and throw hands. So it couldn't have been a pretty exciting first round. So they were going, well, I'm excited about it. Let's go to the next fight. Let's. Shit. I like Kevin Lee. All right. Cool. So we're going to get Kevin Leon in a second. Jared kennedy. I'm looking forward to talking to that was very impressive. Although Anderson's was not heard that badly, which is nice. So he can I kick, none of. But he's, I mean he meaning he's he can resume training soon. He was hurt very badly. I like the way Jerry Kennedy air conducted himself after the fight when the audience was booing and he was just looking when he calls him. All right. Just make you feel at home. That's funny. Hey, Kevin how you doing? Jim matton? And Chris show. I'm Chris, or is he on a guy that might look for more Kelly flour pretzels and fucking crumble of them? All right. Long ago. Boy. Longo long before your Putin, and Candida. Oh, boy, we had a good time, though. Didn't we thought Canada was great? I confused between that awesome. It's a nice, people are not. Yes ottawa. The people were very nice believe, you know, I like I'll tell you Toronto's, they really love Serano you'll you Jimmy. You love Toronto. I do. You know Montreal when I was over there. My buddy, Pat coattail not when I was over there fighting when Longo tell you what were they chanted long ago. It was that was a row. They, you remember exactly what they were chanting Lee. Boom by. Why would you laugh at that? That's a very funny champion to be beyond Matt in Montreal. I don't think they will yell man are here we go..

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