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Explanation of restores theory thanks i think companies such a great way to get information across people will in you know people enjoy something and makes complicate ideas digestible maybe i'll just renewed actually the responsible the university and they was of lecherous was split some of them really liked it but some of them just height because you can imagine dot taking the subject seriously after defeating oh practice education just plummeted downhill with frivolous relevant all this so there was one block on the darwin program we go and meet for the diet and we sent him the script and he hide it and he went through every single little bit going that bit there that's wrong there that's should we should have a coma there surely rather than a semi colon i would think it's born when we say it doesn't matter with you get things right on to share and then there was a ships doctor that dalwin replace when he went on the be or the trick where we went in the world mm led to discover that theory mattress election so it was called mccullough could he said look this this here mccullough spoke with one sees to season mccullough everybody knows that the matter with you on the free page mukalla again they're making a difference there choi incite with season being frivolous about it swear this he said look at this this quote here this is very important this quote here you've tributed to darwin dobbins said no such thing not that you get this is absolutely scandalous we're going to join policies over the programs about darwin clearly isn't anything remotely close to the truth we're not that you get that and it was so it was like a moment you dream about because our number got got that from your book.

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