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Assholes. This construction closure 28 south between 59, Southwest Freeway and sophomore option around Okay. Terry Cassandra's dot com 24 Hour traffic center. Tropical Storm Zetas forecast ahead towards Louisiana into the middle portion of the upcoming week We'll see a lot of clouds wrapping up the weekend of the Sunday of the high of 78. A few showers may pop up late tonight. The low 67 the Rain did just move in. Well in early tomorrow. Then cloudy with Hyde. You're 80 and a mix of clouds of sunshine Tuesday. We're behind the low eighties I'm meteorologist Jeff Mar from the Weather Channel High of 78. That sounds almost pleasant. 71 right now, If you're in Galveston, ifyou're in spring it 60 Katie, you're at 63 60. Now the K T. R H top tax defenders. 24 hour Weather Center 701 Our top story in Porter, A three year old is dead after picking up a drop gun and shooting himself in the chest yesterday afternoon. During a child's birthday party. A 13 year old is in critical condition at Memorial Hermann following a crash last night involving a dirt bike in a vehicle in northwest Houston and a 17 year old is also at Memorial Hermann, also in critical condition, also the victim of an accident, this one involving an a T V that collided with a car on Fry Road in Katie. Tropical Storm Zeta will be in the Gulf of Mexico early this week could reach Cat one status before making landfall along the central ER, eastern Gulf Coast. Zeta is only the second time in the history that there have been 27 named storms in one year. Landfall is expected somewhere between Lafayette, Louisiana and Pensacola, Florida sometime around Wednesday. President Trump had three rallies yesterday and we'll go to New England today for two stops honoring the blue line. Wherever he goes, we will support our great police. Protect your Second Amendment. Defend your border on these, You're more products or proudly stand. With that beautiful is to.

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