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Thanks, snuck up on us last time the colts came in and we were thirteen and three two thousand and three Peyton Manning came in and won a shocking upset is one. No, you guys be or anted. Andrew luck be guys with Alex Smith. I believe that you. They had the greatest comeback in playoff history. The right. You see what I'm saying? So I'm not excited and right now of all the teams remaining in the playoffs the team that is catching their stride or peaking or lists. The hottest team right now are the colts which bums me out. Now, the only thing that's off setting. That is Andy Reid is great auto by week. Okay. He's great offer by his record coming off a bye week is crazy. It's unbelievable. So that's works in our favor. We do have home field advantage. And we have a really good team. So those things being said, I think it's going to be a very tough game. But I do think that sheafs can win. I think you guys can win for sure I agree that the colts are super hot right now. They're I mean like the eagles. The eagles are dislike I don't astroid. They're playing with house. Money or something. Like, I don't know what they should not have won that game. But like Nick foles is Nick foles in everywhere. Which right? He is just big dick nicking it and all at all places. Just slap and team silly. He's got the magic. He does have the magic dirt. Dig with say. He's got the. He was sing it just that good. Well, but I just feel like, you know, the chiefs secondary like you guys only seven interceptions all year. So I think the idea of turning the ball over is not incredibly high. And you're obviously, you're like you guys just been able to score more or our differences not is weak. It's by by a championship team standard. It's it's a little weak. Now, we have great linebackers. We have great defensive line. Our defensive backs are struggling. You know with coaching up with some preparation with some training. You know, hopefully, we can we can put put them into play a little better Eric berry, Eric berries back now in our safety position and his leadership and his motivation and holding those corners to, you know, a high standard, and I I hope he can do something to motivate that that defensive backfield. You guys are going to have to triple t y Hilton like that guy. I don't know. Yes. And then they're running back MAC. I think it is mar Marlin Mike something like that. He is he's been on a tear team. I mean, they're red hot. Yeah. Just red hot red. Hi, Andrew luck in his flip phone or just coming through. But I can't wait for the game. I think this weekend's games are going to be so exciting. I'm very excited about chargers pats because I definitely think the chargers can smoke them. And I hope they do, you know, look the chargers are not afraid to play on the road. Now there are other team because they lay on the road at home. They were there right now, they're eight and one they're eight and one on the road this season. Yes. That's unheard of. That's crazy talk. Yes. Remember, the ravens came in and beat the chargers here in LA. And then the chargers just made them look like dog shit in Baltimore. I mean, the fact that those and those two games were two weeks apart. Graphic halfway through that game. Where Baltimore complete a pass. And they put up a Chiron. It was three oh nine PM. And it said I completion since one oh seven seven PM. Yeah. In one hundred five minutes. Oh, my five minutes. Lamar jackson. I mean, the fact that they kept in Lamar didn't even think about will. Well. Choice. Now that seemed to be like a that seems like a very Carson Wentz esque choice like Philadelphia being like this is who we chose. And this is sue or starting even though had falls been in at the beginning of the year. Would they have had to win four straight and beat the Rams at home? I don't think so like the okay so Lamar Jackson is the future in Baltimore for. Sure. So that's and that's not to say the flacco doesn't have good years left in him..

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